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Even though it doesn’t seem like it in my area of the country, Spring is here, and that means it’s time for Spring Cleaning! The Spring Cleaning Planner is the perfect resource to help you get your house in ship-shape this spring. For a limited time, Living Well Spending Less® is offering their Spring Cleaning Planner for FREE–just our little way of saying Happy Spring!


Typically I don’t do a “spring clean”.  Yeah, I put all the winter clothes away and bring up the summer fashions, but I don’t do anything particular to the house.

This year, it’s different.  We are planning to put the house on the market after Labor Day so I have 6-months to get this house in shape to sell fast.  This means I will be rearranging, decluttering, painting, staging, changing – and I need to be organized, focused, and efficient.

Plus, I don’t much like cleaning, organizing, staging and painting so I need some serious motivation (more than just leaving the area and buying another house that’s bigger and fits our family better).  There is something to be said about feeling good about the environment in which you live.  I totally believe that a healthy mind creates a better outlook which creates a better self-image and self-esteem.  Part of having a healthy mind is being happy and free in your own space.  If cleaning does that, then let’s do it!

I love this planner because it’s simple and easy to use (sometimes I think you need a Ph.D. in organization to be able to decode some of the guides out there).  It also incorporates great thrifty green recipes for cleaning every area of your home!


Not Convinced that Spring Cleaning is in your Future?

Spring cleaning planner #FREE


Not sure you’re ready to dive into spring cleaning just yet? Take our short and simple free quiz assessment and discover your cleaning personality!

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Are you ready to take some time to rid your home of clutter?  Where in your house would you like to start?

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