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I love free resources.  I really do.  I think there is a time and place for them.  Typically, I use free resources when I want to enhance an already established curriculum.  For example, it’s not working one way, so I would search the web for another way to teach.  Or, they just need moe practice, and it’s good to see the material presented in another way.

I don’t use free resources in replace of curriculum, with the exception of subjects like – geography.  It’s so easy to find factual information and maps on the web these days.  Why pay for it?

Free resources have been an invaluable tool to supplement my kids learning.  Most of them are very easy to use, so it’s a print and learn scenario.  And as a homeschool mom – sometimes I need print and learn.  Especially since I am teaching multiple ages.

When you go on the web, you don’t know what you are getting.  It’s important to me that any curriculum/resource is of high-quality and has high academic standards.

Today, I am going to share with you some of my favorite places to get high-quality FREE resources for your child.


Where Do I Get High-Quality FREE Resources



I use this site a lot.  I have gotten a number of high-academic material for free.  Here are some examples.


Frog Life-Cycle Freebie

Frog Life-Cycle Freebie


This freebie simply illustrates the life-cycle of a frog.  You can use it with a YouTube video, or take a day this spring or summer, find some frog eggs, and use real life examples!  It’s a way for your child to better understand the life of a frog, get out, gain a pet, and have a fun!


Cursive Writing Practice

Cursive Writing practice via @educents


Cursive writing is a HUGE part of our homeschool.  I start teaching cursive from day 1.  I feel that it’s an important skill – and frankly, I haven’t had any tears while teaching cursive, but print – many.  For my kids, it’s easier to learn.

Here are some downloadable sheets to supplement.  I have my kids say the letter sound to further practice their phonics.


Just Jake Novel Study - Books written by kids for kids


Here is a fun book – written by a kid for kids!

Honestly, I am all for fun books, and I am all for supporting child authors.  It’s easy to buy this book on Amazon.

I have no problem with fun books, just as long as there are some classics worked in as well.

Check out this great Just Jake Book Study!  It covers reading comprehension, vocabulary, and quizzes.


Homeschool 4 Free


Homeschool 4 Free is the High-Quality supplemental Mecca!


FREE geography worksheets @school4free


For a thorough United States study, this is all you really need.

There are facts about each state, some simple questions that will get at what you need to know.

It’s simple, quick and easy – and that’s what I like.

We were using Notebooking Pages for this, but it was too much.

They are adding states weekly!

There are a plethora of free printables on this site!


Online Unit Studies


I am ALWAYS on the look-out for undiscovered curriculum.  If they give it for FREE, I will try it just to see.

I found Beth on Instagram.  She friended me and peeked my interest.  I tried her free unit studies on multicultural Christmas and it was a GOLD-MIND.

Everything isn’t free, but she is really good about giving out freebies.  Make sure to sign-up for her subscription so you can have access to her member subscriber area!  We learn so much from these FREE units.  I stand behind Online Unit Studies – completely.

Here are some of the units we have done!


Have a Merry Multicultural Christmas

Chinese New Year Language and New Year Cultural Traditions

Our Chinese New Year Celebration

Celebrate Black History Month with a FREE MLK Online Unit Study


Living Montessori Now

I gotta say, that my 3rd (who has a speech delay) does really well with these Montessori activities!

I love everything she does.


Montessori-inspired #freeprintables


She always creates high-quality Montessori-inspired materials!

Other Sources for FREE Supplemental Curriculum

Gypsy Road School – She has FREE and Paid curriculum.  She has a great FREE Mythology unit!

Year Round Homeschooling

Busy Teacher

Teachers Pay Teachers – search for what you want, and search FREE.
Homeschool Giveaways
Do you use FREE resources in your homeschool? What do you like to use?

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  1. These are some great resources. I have a long list of free educational resources on my website, but these weren’t listed on it. Thank you for sharing them with us. Like you, I’m always on the hunt for free curriculum. Homeschool Giveaways is a great resource!!
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