Freebie! Th- diagraph, tally marks and graphing practice all in one!


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There are some sounds that are the bane of my existence.  In this house, the Th- sound is difficult.  I remember seeking advice from my pediatrician several years ago with my son.  “Three” was “Free” for a very long time.  She said it was a problem many children had and would resolve by itself – but we could seek the advice of a speech therapist if I was really worried.

Well, it took some work on my part, getting the tongue and mouth coordinated, but we finally got it.

Now, the problem has arisen with my 7-year-old.  The Th- sounds like “F”.

This is when I went on a quest to search for fun ways to practice that particular sound.  Of course, I’m all about easy, so when I found this Th- diagraph practice on the Educents website, and it was free – I downloaded it quickly.

With this worksheet, she is able to not only practice saying Th- words at every role of the dice, but is also able to practice tally marks (which she just learned in math) and graphing.  It’s good practice for all the skills she is using in school!

Plus, it was fun for her to do.  She kept saying, just one more spin!  It wasn’t the same old Saxon worksheets.  At each turn of the dice, she practiced saying the word.  If she pronounced it incorrectly, I emphasized it to help her to see the tongue movement.

It’s fast and easy.  Just print two pages, put the dice together and go!


Download the Th- Diagraph worksheet FREE here.


Do your kids have problems pronouncing any particular sounds?

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