Fun Board Books for your Speech Delayed Child


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When Grayson wasn’t talking by 1, I didn’t think anything about it.  Even though the others had started talking before their  first birthday, I understand that all kids are different and develop at their own time.  At that time, he was speaking gibberish.  He had few real words.

By 18 months, I approached the pediatrician and she recommended a speech therapist.  Our county offers a free infant and toddlers program.  Before 3, the speech therapist comes to the house, and you can also opt for weekly classes – where they will be able to interact with similarly aged peers.

We discovered that he was dropping the initial and final sounds of words.  So then, I went through our books to find fun books – books with a story – that Grayson and I could read where we could practice not only the pronunciation of real words and prepositions.

With the intervention and our reading, is speech has improved dramatically. At 3, he is now talking like a 2-2.5 year old!

Some of the books we read were….


Where is Maisy – A great lift the flap book!  Your child will have fun finding Maisy behind, on top and under objects!
I Love you All The Time – Even when they can’t see you, teach them that you still love them.  Plus, name colorful everyday objects at the same time.  Ask questions like, where is the block, what color is the block, etc!  It’s learning fun!
The Itsy Bitsy Spider – Have fun finding the spider on the chair, in the spout – plus name his other animal friends such as cat, mouse and more!
Alligator Alphabet – This Barefoot Book is one of our favorites!  Your preschooler will love the interesting and colorful pictures!  He/she will review their letter concepts as well as learn about some new and interesting animals.
How do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors? – Dinos always engage my little one.  Learn colors and names of objects along with these, not scary prehistoric creatures!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar – An Eric Carle favorite!  Travel with the caterpillar as he eats his way through all kinds of food.
Big, Little!  A Book of Opposites – Have fun learning big and little, slow and fast and more!
Lift the Flap Words – Look at what we find in the refrigerator, behind the door, and under the blanket.  In this book, you will find large pictures that represent everyday words.
Go Like a Turtle – Hop like a Kangaroo and wiggle like a snake.  Not only will they learn a variety of animal names, but they will have fun doing it as they wiggle, wobble and hop!
Goodnight Moon – A family classic, this book is filled with household objects to find and name!
Kipper’s Bedtime – Go through Kipper’s nighttime routine, and find the objects and place them in the appropriate spot!  A fun “seek and find” adventure!
Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do you See (or any of the four “What Do You See” books by Eric Carle) – put names to animals!
Bear Snores On – Join mouse, hare and all the animal friends who join a sleeping bear on a cold winters night.  In addition, animals, household objects, and foods.
Out of Shapes – Fun objects made of triangles, rectangles, and circles, Oh My! Make your own shapes and make fun objects with your child!
Check out these books of rhymes by Rock ‘N Learn! My son loves reading the books and watching the DVDs.
Alphabet Al’s ABC’s
Colors Shapes and Counting

Is your child speech delayed?  What books have you enjoyed together?

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  1. This is exactly what I needed. I’m trying to figure out what to put in the Easter baskets of all the children in my family. My youngest cousin is struggling with her speech. This list gives me lots of great suggestions for books to get for her basket. Thanks for the post!
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