Happiness is – Compassion for Others

There are a lot of things that warmed my heart this week.  I had a few moments where I was able to stand back and relish in what I was seeing and experiencing.  It was nice.  How often can you say there were multiple moments in a short period of time – where your chest and abdomen become warm with emotion?

Not many.

I was blessed this week – in a number of different ways.

On Memorial Day – the kids and I – together did service for our community.  It made me really happy.  It was something very simple.  Together we organized a food drive – and we went around and collected food.  I drove, they got out of the car and collected.  Of course, they didn’t go willingly.  I made them go.  But we met and exceeded our goal, so in some way, I am hoping that their heart was softened to the needs of others.

I wrote a guest post where I talked more about my plight.  Take a look see!

And even though Mom made them go – I think it’s an important lesson to learn.

So, this week, what makes me truly happy – is helping others on their road to happiness.

Service 2

Sometimes you meet people in their most distressed moments.  It doesn’t have to be hunger.  Maybe someone suddenly dies, or the breadwinner of the family looses a job, or someone close is seriously ill.  There are things that are not outward afflictions – worries that weigh heavily on the mind.  Service can simply be a knock on the door and a caring – how do you do?

And sometimes the happiness is not your own – but someone else’s in the making.  But it renews your own spirit and faith in a world that seems so distant and cold.

That’s the happiness I experienced.

I’m happy – because we – as a family- were able to help others.  We have a long way to go.  Our journey is not nearly complete.  But it’s a start!

But this week, I am eagerly optimistic about the future!  Finally!


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  1. BRAVO to you mom! BRAVO, you are teaching and modeling for your kids how to be a true human being. In today’s society, too often kids are given images of “ME ME ME ME” people instead of selfless and kind role models.

    • Hey Karen,

      First, I apologize for not getting to you sooner. I think you got caught in the mess of my life. Sorry bout that!

      Thank you so much. I hope that my kids are learning valuable lessons that they will be able to take them throughout life. You said it. it’s always about me….me…me. I found my kids starting to head in that direction. That is definitely not the direction to go in. As a community we have to help each other and support each other. It’s so important. None of us can exist alone.

      Thanks you so much for stopping by. I hope you have a terrific weekend!
      Lisa recently posted…Introduction to Our HomeschoolMy Profile

  2. I am a strong believer in service to others and helping others. It is also so important for children to learn this lesson early. Thank you for sharing this post!
    Maria Stefanova recently posted…How Can I Help My Child Overcome Shyness?My Profile

  3. Handmade aJ

    We have also tried to teach our 3yo about service, letting her raid our cabinets for food drives 🙂 it’s great that you’re being intentional – it’s so easy to forget to teach these crucial lessons!

  4. Fanfreakingtastic, Lisa!!! I could NOT be more proud of you guys!!

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