Happiness is – Knowing that People Do Good Things


I turn on the TV, and It gets me down.  All I see is depressing stuff.  I mean, you can’t even watch a complete show – and a Cancer Treatment Centers of America commercial comes on.

It’s like – ugh.   Like I really want to think about having stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and planning where I’m going to get treatment when I get it.

I really don’t.  I just turn the channel.

And the news.  Awful.  I don’t even watch it!

All that bad news starts infiltrating our thinking.  It starts giving us a bleak outlook on life.  It sensitizes people to bad stuff.  It’s scary.  And the people who it influences…

Why does it seem like the people who are not doing good things get all the attention?

So, for this happiness is – I want to celebrate people who are doing the right thing.  People who are helping others have a better life!  We need to recognize and celebrate these people – because they are bringing happiness and joy to others!

This is what we should be influenced by!

So, in celebration of a week that’s Holy to billions of people all around the world…

My happiness is –  Good people

Panera Bread and their commitment to HungerAwesome that they commit to feed the hungry.


Let’s make sure that the bullies don’t get all the attention.  Here is a story about a girl in 8th grade who showed empathy and compassion to her classmate.  Certainly a rare quality these days.  She was going to wait another year to join the choir – to make someone else happy!


Here’s a cute one about a doggie named Tessa.  Tessa teaches us a bit about faith.


Here are some teens who are learning that Self-Esteem has less to do with Self.


Stephanie Jackson is a blogger and Philanthropist.  She blogs about Giving Year Around.


Take some time to read about these awesome stories and people!  Do you know of some good news stories?  Perhaps you know of people personally doing good things?  Link them up here.  You can link up blogs, blog posts, news stories, interviews, whatever – and pass on the love to others!  Make sure to come back and read every single one of them during the week!

Thanks to the Therapy Booth for the awesome picture

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  1. Linked up a blog that always makes me smile – she sews stuffies for her local children’s hospital.
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  2. Hi Lisa, I just had to say thanks for the positive message! Made me smile to read it tonight. 🙂
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