Happiness is________ Knowing what Happiness Is Not

This week…this week….I tell you.  It’s just been one of those weeks.

I know I will look back upon this and laugh.


Now, I’m just tired.  I sat here a bit even before opening the browser stretching for something – anything that made me happy this week.  One thing I realized, is the things that gave me the most anxiety (and I had a lot) also made me the happiest.

My computer got weird.

My computer

There are very few things that I need in life, but blogging is one of them.  I bought this laptop specifically so I can blog – and not have to be bothered by the kids wanting to get on and play their games – or whatever.  This is my laptop.  Mine-mine-mine.

I do not play fair and I do not share.

So, needless to say, when the baby started banging – yes, literally banging on the keys – my whole body melted into a pool of sweat.

It crashed.  I had to start it over 2-3 times, and the mouse got stuck – and so on- and so forth.

I am very happy that my computer is working properly – and I can blog!


The website crash on the first day of my giveaway.

website crash  Yes, a total  mental meltdown went on.  As more time passed, my mood became – not so good.  By 5:00, I was at the end of my rope.

Thank goodness for my web goddess.

I am happy that I have my website back – and I can blog!


Instagram – need I say any more.

Instagram is the bane of my existence.  It’s the most annoying social media invention ever.  I hate that you have to use it on your phone/tablet/ipod.

It’s way too much work.

I can’t imagine how people have such beautiful pictures.  I have tried emailing the pictures to myself, but my ipod hates me, and instagram will not work.  It just keeps shutting down, even when I try resizing the pictures.

Instagram is so annoying – in fact – that I must say that I am very very happy – to be okay with not using instagram.

I am happy, because I have more time for blogging!



I am very very happy that my Peony plant that never flowered, finally got some buds – that actually turned into large beautiful blossoms.  YAY!

The Peony

I didn’t even know they were going to be white!

There is nothing that says “spring” like Peonies!  Peonies make me happy.

What also makes me happy?  Blogging about Spring!


And, for my biggest and most proud accomplishment for the week.

To finally finish my April goals in June!

Not only that, I got it started, and now I don’t have to take care of it!  It’s the kids responsibility.  I’m washing my hands of it!

Kids tending the garden

It makes me happy that I have something to blog about that I don’t have to cultivate myself.

It makes me happy that they are learning something invaluable about sustainability!

It makes me happy that they can be outside tending to their garden – and I can blog in peace!



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  1. (((HUGS))) Handing you a big bar of chocolate and a big vat of wine. I know how those days go. happiness to me is relaxing at night knowing my family is happy and safe. Knowing I have a family.
    karen recently posted…I Got a Dino – Kid Lit Blog HopMy Profile

  2. Hi Lisa, I am so glad to have “e-met” you 🙂 If you didnt say u are new to blogging, i wouldnt have guessed! your blog is very nice! very nice graphics and the layout is great! cant imagine you are new to blogging. I am kinda new too to blogging, so when i found out some useful info, i intend to share. 🙂

    btw, you should read my newest blogging tips post that i posted today. *wink* *wink*

    • Hey Mandy,

      Thanks so much for the tip. I never ever would have known. I have never gotten an email from anyone – even when I put the name/URL instead of using of using my blogger profile.

      I hope everything is fixed now.

      Thanks so much for the info!
      Lisa recently posted…Happiness is________ Knowing what Happiness Is NotMy Profile

      • Lisa, it is great that your replies are automatically sent to your commenters via email, it must be a wordpress thing, it is not the case for blogger though 🙁 so I have to do it the hard way.

        btw, there is another issue i noticed on your blog. it seems to load very slow. when i tried to comment on your blog post, it took me three times to reload the page.

      • Hey Mandy,

        Yes, I have noticed that as well. Sometimes it’s very fast but other times it’s very slow. The issue started within the last month, I think. Thanks for mentioning it. I’m not sure if it’s a host thing or what, but I have inquired.
        Lisa recently posted…Happiness is________ Knowing what Happiness Is NotMy Profile

  3. Lisa, this post has left me with a lot of random thoughts in my head.

    I have Instagram with one friend. I don’t get it.
    I hate bloglovin on iPad. Constant crashes. Also, twitter should have more pictures.

    I planted my garden with every intention of goodness- but I haven’t weeded it in a month. Sigh.

    Your peonies are gorgeous!

    Here’s a really random thought. As I was reading I wondered if you’ve seen that movie Cloud Atlas? I watched it last night. It was really good but I have no idea what it was about.

    Happiness to me is having the freedom and time to think about such mundane things. I feel so lucky for my health & my families health. At te end of the day, that’s all that really matters!
    Amy mayen recently posted…Summer Denim Refashion For GirlsMy Profile

  4. Kristie Clower says:

    I’m sorry you had a tough week but those peonies are gorgeous! And you kiddos look happy mucking about in the garden.

    • Hey Kristie,

      Yeah, I have to grow things that pretty much grow on their own in a sea of weeds.

      Seriously, I’m bad.

      So, when the bush didn’t flower year after year, I was like – yeah, It’s because I don’t take care of them. But all of a sudden – boom! Beauty abound!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Blogging Carnival Tutorials – Adding HTML to BloggerMy Profile

  5. Oh, I’m with you. I have never ventured into Instagram territory. I have a hard time keeping up with all of the places online. I think the key is to find what you enjoy the most and stick with it – especially if you gain followers that way. Time on frustrating sites steals your joy and time you could be putting in on blogging. Which I love to follow your blog. You are doing fantastic with your blog. I truly, thought you were doing this for a long time!!!

    I only use a computer and actually got rid of my smart phone over the last year. It has helped me focus on life when I’m not at my computer. If I can’t use it on my computer, I’m not using it.

    Love the gardening and am happy you can find happiness. So glad to know you. Do you know your “name” came up at the park today? My daughter and I were talking about how you can really feel connected to someone online. DD said, “There is a lady in DC that we call Squishy Lady who we have gotten to know.” It made me smile. So you got a spontaneous commercial by a 9yo at our local park. Good times. Have a very happy weekend to all of you! {{{Hugs}}}
    Cool Mom (Christine M.) recently posted…A Home for Dixie, A Picture Book ReviewMy Profile

    • Awwwwwweeee, so sweet! Squishy Lady! Haha! So glad to know you. You really have made this experience wonderful! Really! I thoroughly enjoy talking with you. It’s funny how you can connect with someone you have never met.

      Good idea on the smart phone. Just get rid of it! That’s what I did, but then my hubby got me an ipod for Christmas. I refuse to get internet access though, so when I’m out and about, I just leave it. If I had the internet, I would be checking all the time.

      Instagram is way too difficult. There are too many steps. First you have to take the picture. Then you have to decrease the size. Then you have to email it to yourself. Then you have to download it to the ipod. Then you have to upload it to instagram. I just decided (after about 20 minutes) that I would use Pinterest instead. Haha! Who needs the extra work? Not me.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Blogging Carnival Tutorials – Adding HTML to BloggerMy Profile

  6. Your Peonies are BEAUTIFUL! LOL at finishing your April goals in June…..sounds like me! Hehehe
    I’m glad that you found your happiness!
    Mariann recently posted…Bravo to General MillsMy Profile

  7. Self sufficient kids makes me happy. I love that sometimes now I can just let my daughter prepare something in the kitchen. Makes her happy too.
    Two computers ago I had two broken keys thanks to my first baby. Oh well. Babies and computers don’t mix. Both my kids have there own computers. Computers are hard to share. Everyone wants to be on the same time.
    Ann recently posted…I Spy ShadeMy Profile

    • yes Ann, you said a mouth full. Self Sufficient is good. I understand that I need to spend time with them, but I think it’s good for them to have something on their own – that they can take care of and watch grow.

      If they find they hate it as much as i do, then we won’t do it next year. Fine. But I think it will be nice to eat some of the veggies that they grow.

      Haha! I totally hear you on the computers. Everybody needs one, especially with my chillins’. I had a computer before this one that I shared with them. It slowly got filled up with viruses and such. There are like 5 keys missing – but it’s a Dell. Dells are notorious for being poorly made. The mouse button doesn’t work, the keyboard pretty much stopped working and the battery is dead (it has to be plugged in all the time).

      That computer is on it’s last legs.

      Same with my Mom’s computer. When she died, we inherited it. Filled up with viruses it is.

      I learned that I must have my own computer – that they don’t touch.

      Just today, my baby was banging on the keys. Thank goodness for the extended replacement warranty that I paid an arm and a leg for.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Ann. Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Homeschool at The Squishable Baby – Week 6My Profile

      • It’s like babies instinctively know how to use computers but in a destructive kind of way. The other day I caught the baby pressing the power button over and over on my daughter computer.

        I have whatever is the opposite of a green thumb : )

      • Yep. It’s like they see it, and they are compelled to just bang away.

        It’s so funny. I am hoping not to have any broken keys though.

        Whatever it is, I’m it. Although, I can grow a good weed!

        Have a great night!
        Lisa recently posted…Messages from Hadyn – Mario BrosMy Profile

  8. I’m so sorry you had a rough week – here’s hoping the next one will be much better! Those are stunning peonies though – it’s hard to look at them and not feel happy.
    Mud Hut Mama recently posted…A Lion Pride Begins?My Profile

    • I love peonies. When I was planning wedding, they were one of my favs – along with hydrangeas. Peonies for spring and hydrangeas for summer. They are big beautiful blooms, so you don’t need a lot. Plus, they are local here, cutting down on costs.


      I am also hoping for a better week. If my website doesn’t die, i think I will be good.

      I hope you have a terrific week next week. Will be putting out another call for submission soon!
      Lisa recently posted…The Shabbat Princess – A Book ReviewMy Profile

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