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It has been shown that speech delayed children have a difficult time with literary skills (reading and writing), compared with children without developmental delays.  I have seen this with my own kids.  While Grayson is a star in math, he struggles a bit with reading and a lot with writing.  Roya really struggles with her speech.

So, over the years, I have learned to start them out with good first word books.  First we look through simply to name objects.  I model for them, saying it clearly.  I ask them to look at my mouth, when I saw the word.  And then they repeat.

Kids, they don’t seem to mind reading the same book over and over.  It’s fun each and every time.

Once I have modeled the names a few times, then we go into colors.  Then next, two-step naming.  Red ball, Blue berries, Red grapes, ect.  Then it’s on to discussing what’s happening in the picture.  What is the baby doing?  The baby is eating.

It’s more about getting the words out of their mouths, so they can practice.

I always say, practice makes perfect!


My favorite “first word” books


I think the best first word books are progressive in nature.  They start out with recognized objects, and then and then progress in pictures from there.  In the beginning, you name a green shirt.  Then at the end, you can ask, where is the green shirt?

The important thing is to look for books with pictures that are recognizable.  You want pictures of apples, oranges, bananas, cats, dogs, birds, plants and butterflies – rather than yaks, emu’s, star fruit, etc.  You want books with pictures of objects and animals the kids see throughout their daily lives.

Believe me, I have seen first word books with yak’s.

You also want books with big colorful pictures that are simple.  You don’t want a lot of distraction, unless you are asking them to seek and find.  Where is the green shirt?  Here is the green shirt!  The green shirt is hanging in the closet!

Here are two books that I have used successfully with Roya, and she loves reading them!  At night, she will go seek them out! Clever Encyclopedia offers two very good books, just for this purpose.


First words – over 500 words to learn with photos and illustrations.

First Animals – Over 500 words for kids to learn with photos and illustrations.  Learn shapes, colors numbers, time, and space.


“Both books are packed with games and learning opportunities on every page, First Words is more than just a picture book! This unique format offers photos and illustrations.  Specially designed for enriching experiences for toddlers, Clever Encyclopedias encourage development of language, pronunciation, and speech.  The pages feature varied page layouts and different activities that encourage observation and learning early topics like shapes, colors, numbers, and time and space.”


About Clever Publishing

Clever Publishing was founded in 2010 with the purposed of changing children’s lives for the better.  They create a world full of fascinating experiences for families through boos, games, sets and series.  Focusing on pre-school and Edutainment, they have developed a wide range of innovative formats with modern teaching techniques.  With 100 employees worldwide, they have a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of children’s books.


Do you have a child with a speech delay?  How have you helped your child with his/her literary skills?


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