High Imitation Gold Jewelry is Difficult to Identify



Gold jewelry has always been the mainstream in the jewelry market, but I wonder if you have seen high imitation gold jewelry? High imitation gold jewelry may not differ much from real gold in terms of color and appearance, and many people were tricked into buying fake gold name bracelet).

The high imitation gold jewelry on the market is mostly 3 kinds:

  1. Genuine gold plating on the surface

Genuine gold plating on the surface, as the name implies, is a layer of real gold on other materials, such as copper and silver. Because there is a layer of real gold plating on it, and the color is very close to the real gold jewelry, consumers not paying attention will buy gold-plated gold custom birthstone rings jewelry.

How to distinguish?

This kind of high imitation gold jewelry is only coated with a layer of real gold on other materials, so just use a knife to cut gently and you will find the surface and interior color of the gold jewelry it’s different.  If it’s different, this is not genuine gold. If you are afraid that you will scratch the gold jewelry, you can use toothpaste instead, and wipe it with a hard sponge.

  1. Gold filled

Gold filled is also very common and difficult to distinguish. As the name implies, it is covered in other materials on a thick gold sheet, and most of the gold filled jewelry is solid, if you do not know enough about gold birthstone necklaces personalized here, it is easy to be cheated to buy fake gold.

There is generally only one way to tell: when you suspect that you bought a gold filled jewelry, you can only break gold jewelry and see the color. However, this method is a little too rough. If it is real gold, it will directly damage the gold monogrammed necklace jewelry. Therefore, the best way is to choose a reliable shop to buy gold jewelry.

  1. Adulteration

Adulteration is also a very common method used by unscrupulous merchants. It is to mix other metals in real gold: for example, 10 grams of real gold and 10 grams of other materials. Then the weight of this engraved necklace jewelry is 20 grams. It was sold at the price of 20 grams of real gold. If the customer bought it, it was equivalent to double the money. It was a loss!

If you want to distinguish this kind of high imitation gold, the method is very simple, just burn the gold. Because pure gold does not change color when it is burned. (This identification method is for reference only, it can only deal with simple high imitation fake gold jewelry. The fake gold jewelry with high technical level needs special equipment to distinguish.)

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Do you buy jewelry.  Have you ever wondered whether yours was fake?

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