Homeschool Curriculum for Primary and Middle School – 2017/2018

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I’m really excited about this upcoming school year.  Not only are we adding Grayson to the mix, I think we have a good program that will stimulate all.  

We will be busy, but busy is good.  I am hoping to plan fun field trips to museums and historical sites to enhance our experiences.


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Primary School

Grayson – Kindergarten

Saxon Math K, Home Study Kit

I am an avid Saxon user.  I like the kinder curriculum because it’s easy and fast.  It’s perfect for a little one with a short attention span.

Explode the Code, Teacher’s Guide for Books A, B, and C (2nd Edition)

Books A, B, C and Book 1 – With Ava I used Abeka, primarily because they introduce cursive first.  I liked the Abeka program, but it is a lot and a bit complicated for homeschooling 3 and continue doing everything I’m doing.  I used Explode the Code with Hadyn, and it worked well.  The printing was hard – but I will see how it goes and adjust.

Copy Book 1, Kindergarten

This will help with his printing and can be done independently while I work with the others.


Ava – 4th Grade

Saxon Math Intermediate 4 Homeschool Kit

She did intermediate 3 last year.  By pushing up a 1/2 grade, it was challenging, so I will continue on this path.

Saxon Math Intermediate 4 Written Practice Workbook

It’s easier for me to keep everything in one organized book.

Saxon Math Intermediate 4 Adaptions Student Workbook

it’s easier for me to keep everything in one organized book.  Space saver!

God’s Gift of Language A Writing & Grammar Work-text, Third Edition

I want them to learn the formal grammar rules. It doesn’t matter much to me whether it’s Christian or not, just as long as it’s a solid and scientifically based learning experience.

Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry 4, Fifth Edition

I want to do more formal spelling and vocabulary stuff.  In the books we read, we will focus on poetry.


Middle School

Hadyn – 8th Grade


Math 87, Third Edition

He is going 1/2 step slower.  Math is more difficult for him.  I like saxon because of the incremental learning.  The constant review is good for him.


Grammar and Composition II Work-text


Vocabulary, Spelling, & Poetry II


Of Places Literature

Do a more concentrated literature study now that he is preparing for high school.

Life Science
We want a scientifically sound science program. We used the Earth science curriculum last year and liked it a lot.



We will be doing art history and world history together this year.  There will be a lot of overlap here, which is good. 

For Art History, we are using the curriculum developed by The Met in New York.  It’s a complete study of the art work in the museum.  I think a field trip at the end of the year would be a great overview (and a great excuse to hang out in New York)!

For World History, we will be using a really good curriculum created by a collaboration of professors from UCLA.  World History for us All is divided into 9 big areas and then broken down.  I really like it!  They also talk about art – so we will get art history here too!


What curriculum are you excited about using?




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