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My kids had the most amazing opportunity yesterday. They got the opportunity to speak with (via Skype) Neighbor girl – the author of Stanley and Katrina – The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets!

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To Hadyn’s chagrin, I made him write out an entire list of questions, and then help Ava write her list of questions.  After 1 hour of prodding, he came up with two questions.


He wanted to do something else.

So, then I came up with a list of questions.  Haha!


Lists of questions


For the most important questions –

What inspired her to write her book?

She was doing a project in November for National Novel Writers Month.  She told us about this very cool website that she used.



She told us how this site is incredibly supportive of up and coming and established writers – alike.  It has some really cool features that you should check out to encourage and foster a love for writing in yourself and your kids.  This would be a great November homeschool project for your kids – not that everyone is going to become a fabulous and inspiring writer like Neighbor Girl, but just to gain experience, interact with other writers – but more importantly, to have fun!


Cool Mom

There wouldn’t be a Neighbor Girl without a Cool Mom.  If you haven’t guessed it, Neighbor girl is a precocious kid.  She is extremely intelligent, well spoken – and of course well written – but as we talked to her, she is just a normal 10-year-old girl – who likes to play on the computer, play video games, swim, and have fun.

I really really tried (emphasis on really hard) to not take over the session.  I had some questions for Neighbor Girl, but most of my questions were directed to Cool Mom.  I really admire her.  Here you have a Mom who has fostered her child’s talents to the utmost – and helped her to fulfill her dreams.

I think often times parents are so wrapped up in themselves and their beliefs – that they actually hinder the progress of their children.  Not that it’s done in a malicious way – cause in most cases it’s not.  I do not know one parent who says – I intentionally do not want my kids to progress.  It’s more, due to the parents inhibitions or lack of knowledge, that the kids are held back. Personally, I want my kids to do better – and be better than me and my husband – and that drives me and my motivation.

I wanted to know – how she does it.  How does one bring out the very best in her child?  I wanted to know what sort of inspirations she had.  I wanted to know because I want to be like her.  She is the epitome of Coolness!


Neighbor Girl

Neighbor Girl told us all about her experiences writing The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets.  She should us a picture of her manuscript and the many many edits she had to do.  She told us that the most challenging part to writing this book was the editing.  It was so long.  There was so much editing to do.

She showed us the illustrations and told us who drew each one of the characters.  We agreed that we liked her drawing of Stanley with a tie the best.  We thought it looked the most real.  Personally, I loved the cover, and thought the person who drew the cover was very talented indeed!

She told us how excited she is to start a very cool alternative school in the fall.  She was homeschooled, but got the opportunity to apply and receive admission into a school for gifted students.  It’s definitely not your typical school in that – she doesn’t go everyday.  There is a lot of room for creativity of thought – so she can continue to pursue her passion – as the school and her family will support her.

Which I think is awesome!  That’s the way school should be for everyone (shameless homeschool/cool school plug).

Throughout our conversation, it was apparent that she is just a kid.  She was fidgety, melting into her chair until she was out of sight – and very busy.  It was typical cute 10-year-old stuff.


In the End

Hadyn was very inspired to write after reading her book.  I think it really spoke to him.  It made him want to write – which was unlike any other book. that we had read.

After we talked to her, he was doubly inspired and is looking forward to writing on his own using in November  He is already scheming on what he should write about.


Shameless Plug

You should really get this book.  It’s only 6 bucks on Amazon and $0.99 if you buy the Kindle Version.  If your kids do not like to read, or are having trouble reading – this is a very good book to try.  Also, Cool Mom has some Comprehension Printables that will help the reading process – understand and vocabulary in a fun way.

Good…good…positive…positive…positive on so many levels.

Inspire your kids to read in a positive way!

I am in no way compensated for this post.  I believe that the power in this is “kids inspiring kids”.  It’s powerful.



Neighbor Girl and Cool Mom were very specific in that they didn’t want to share with you her age – which I understood.  Regardless of what I thought, I, of course, was going to respect that.  I was not going to “out” her.  As a result, I didn’t take any pictures or video for the blog (to my serious chagrin).    However, this rule has been relaxed, and they indulged my bloggy nature – and took pictures and allowed me to share them on the blog.

Hooray!  They made my day!


Skype with Neighbor Girl 1 Skype with Neighbor Girl 2 Skype with Neighbor Girl 3

I would encourage you to purchase a copy of this book, read it, and then sign up for the 15 minute Skype Interview.  You can do that here.

Also, keep an eye out for Neighbor Girl’s new Stanley and Katrina book.


In fact, even thought this wasn’t planned, I’m allowing the spirit to guide.  I’m feeling good, so why not?  I will buy 1 family 1 copy of Stanley and Katrina’s book The Perpetual Paper of the Pack of Pets – if you promise to read it, download the printables and use them – and then sign up for the free 15 minute Skype interview.

Giveaway is open worldwide.

Enter below for your chance to win.




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  1. It has taken me all day to find words to type here. You made me tear up. You are too kind. Thank you. Thank you for your support of Neighbor Girl and thank you for your kind words about me. I don’t know about the epitome of Coolness,I thought that was reserved for you, honestly.

    Nothing encourages Neighbor Girl more in her writing than knowing other kids (and adults) have enjoyed her book. Hadyn’s kind and genuine words to my daughter on the call were the nicest things I’ve heard in a long time.

    Thank you, again. I did try to add this to S&K’s blog but blogger has decided to be glitchy for me today. Maybe tomorrow. Oh, and we can’t wait to read Hadyn’s story/book!
    Cool Mom (Christine M.) recently posted…Free Printable Comprehension Cootie Catchers for The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of PetsMy Profile

  2. Hey Lisa , this is so interesting. Thank you for sharing. My eldest daughter who is almost 9, loves to write stories and to draw as well. She hopes to have a book published one day. I’m also working on a book myself. We will have a look at the website that you mentioned. My daughter will love to hear about Neighbor girl. I agree that it’s important to encourage our children in their talents and interests.
    Chan recently posted…Mummy points : Breakfast timeMy Profile

    • Thank you, Chan for stopping by! Yes, encouragement is essential. You can’t do everything, but some sort of exposure is essential. Check out the site. It’s wonderful in that it doesn’t cost. In the end, your daughter will have a nice little book – her own book. It’s awesome!

      Thank you for your wonderful comments! I will stop by your blog soon.

      Happy writing!
      Lisa recently posted…Demystifying Mormonism (Latter Day Saints) – In My Own WordsMy Profile

  3. This is amazing! I need to order a copy for my daughter. She is constantly making up stories and plays and writes down a lot of notes. Thanks for the info on the website also! How cool for your little ones to get to participate in this!
    This Mom Said It! recently posted…The Time I Was Incarcerated…My Profile

  4. Well, I just loved your interview, it was fabulous. We have had the pleasure of speaking to neighbour girl and cool mom too and we loved it to.
    They are both so inspirational to us, and you have summed it up so beautifully in your blog post.
    Thanks for a great giveaway and for joining in the hop. ( We have a copy already he he)
    Cheers Julie
    Julie Grasso recently posted…The Gubbins Club : ReviewMy Profile

  5. What a huge book giveaway this is! Can’t wait to enter them all.

    Isn’t Skype an amazing tool in so many ways?!

  6. This is a really cool giveaway! Thanks for being part of the giveaway hop! I want to invite you to participate in Booknificent Thursday, my all-things book-related link-up party every Thursday at anytime you have a chance! We’d love to have you join our little reading community!
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  7. I really enjoyed reading about your skype session. I think PPPP is an awesome book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it form the ripe old age of… over 21!! Hope your Giveaway goes well 🙂
    Jemima Pett recently posted…5 Stars for the Princelings and the Lost CityMy Profile

  8. Thanks so much for joining us! Good luck to everyone! 🙂
    Renee recently posted…Sugar & Spice Giveaway (Open WW)My Profile

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