Homeschooling Subjects that You Don’t Know

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How many times have you heard a homeschool parent say…?


I didn’t use any advanced math, so I am not going to teach Jr. Calculus either.


This statement makes me crazy.  So, what’s good for you is good for the gander?  What if the exposure to calculus makes Jr. reach his full potential?  What’s wrong with opening the door to new possibilities?  What’s the problem with expanding one’s mind – even if he/she doesn’t use it in life?  Maybe you didn’t or couldn’t become an engineer, but maybe Jr. Might?

In my opinion, education is never a waste.  To say that it is, just makes my blood boil.

I find it infuriating.

Why should we be the ones making important decisions about our children’s future?  Even if they are good at art.  Have you ever met someone who is good at – and enjoys doing multiple things?


I think this is a big reason why parents do not homeschool their children – the fear of not knowing enough.  To help, here are some tips that I have used successfully in the past…


Tips to Homeschooling Subjects that you Don’t Know/Are Not Good At


  1. Optional Spines/Resources – Learn yourself – I enrolled Hadyn in an advanced writing class.  I knew he would be learning things that  I did not know, but that was okay.  I wanted him to have more skills than I received.  To me, this is the power of homeschooling.  When I grew up, Grammar wasn’t emphasized.  I didn’t learn anything much beyond a noun, pronoun and verb.  Needless to say, I get nervous when I see predicate, adverbs, adjectives, Idioms and the like.  I don’t know these things and I don’t know how to teach them.  First, I go to Google to give me a simple explanation.  Most of the time, that works, and that is all we need.  I can use the google information and the information given in the writing book and figure it out.  If I need something more, I go for the Handbook for Writers for more detailed explanation and examples.  I have the one by Prentice Hall, but you could use any one.  Just go to Amazon.  Here are some Handbook for Elementary Writers suggestions.

  3. Take a Class – We belong to a homeschool Co-op.  I know nothing about art techniques.  So, I enrolled Hadyn in an art class.  When he needed help (and I was useless) – I asked someone from church to spend an afternoon helping him with his art technique.  If you do not belong to a co-op, look towards the county for art classes.  The Recreation department is a good bet.  Also, if your child is older, a community college might be a viable option.

  5. Seek out the help of other homeschool parents.  Set up a swap. I am happy to do math, science…history maybe.  Maybe you can find someone who doesn’t have an interest/can’t or doesn’t want to teach these subjects to swap with.  I am doing this for art.  I don’t like art…it’s messy.  I don’t have the creativity for it.  But, I can teach your kids advance calculus.  Math doesn’t scare me.

  7. Put in a movie.  I know this sounds dumb, but it might work for some children.  It didn’t really work for me.  I didn’t learn much from videos but some kids might thrive under that environment.  A video that goes with the lesson, yes….I got it, but just a video.  So, I don’t do this much for my kids, but it’s a possibility.  There is also a lot on YouTube.  Just search for your subject area.

Was there a time that you had to go out of your comfort zone for the betterment of your children? I would love to hear about it.

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  1. Oh man oh man does this sum up our entire home school experience! (Math is my most dreaded topic, I grew up in a country school of 11 kids total, lets just say we didn’t do a whole lot after basic division) However, with the internet I am able to learn right along side my kids. We work together to figure out new skills. I think of it like a challenge! Every new skill is a puzzle that must be figured out! I agree completely that just because we are not good at or comfortable with a topic does not mean we should keep it from our kids. Beyond math though, my oldest is a Mine-craft fanatic. So much so she is taking a class to learn to build “skins”, “mods” and “servers”. All of which I know nothing about! Nope, I’m not into it at all, but I’m her biggest supporter! Maybe just maybe this taste of computer programming will lead to a career. Maybe it will not. All I know is we are in this as a family, either way we are learning, having fun and growing together. Love this post, thank you!
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  2. Our parks & rec here is pretty good. My kids have taken cooking, Spanish, dance, basketball, football, soccer, etc over the years. I would also suggest online learning programs or a skype tutor can be a way for your child to learn what you don’t know.
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