How I Eat and Why?

One thing I have learned.  And this is the most important thing.  Food was put on this earth, not to fix a broken soul, or provide us with entertainment.  It was put on this earth to nourish our bodies.

With that said…

First, I have to define what my goals are.  Because my goals (are very likely) different from yours.  And to achieve your goals, you may not have to take the steps that I am talking about.

Before you start on any weight loss/fitness plan, you always (100%) have to define what your goals are.  Your goals dictate the steps you will take to achieve them.  If your goal is to lose 100 lbs, you take different steps from a person whose goals are to lose 100 lbs and be ripped.  Being 150 lbs and being ripped is different from being 150 lbs.

And you will see why.

My Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

My goals have changed over the years, and maybe yours will, too.  Maybe not.  It depends.

Originally, my goal was to lose weight, lower my A1C (as I was pre-diabetic) and get off the high blood pressure meds.  It took a very long time, maybe 3-1/2 to 4-years.  It was difficult.  I had to be extremely focused on my goal (I had to force my doctor to lower my dose as she has never had anyone wean off blood pressure meds), but I did it!

And I have stayed off the meds.

So that focus and hard work, paid off for me.


Then my goal changed.  I created micro-goals.  And then I celebrated with non-food items when I achieved them.  For example, another goal was to weigh less than my husband.  In our entire marriage I out-weight him – at my heaviest, by more than 100 lbs.

And when I achieved that, he said he was going to lose weight.


He picked me up!

And that was enough for me!  That was a big win!

My most recent goal is to be as muscular ad as strong as possible.  I want to be able to do pull-ups.  LOL.
I want abs, and I want to keep them.  I want muscles and I feel better when I am leaner.

What do I mean by leaner?  I want a high percentage of muscle and a lower percentage of body fat.  This is how I feel best, and I want to keep it!

This is the way I like walking around.  This is the way I want to exist in this world.  I like it, and I don’t want it to change, so I am willing to put in the work to achieve this.

Okay, now that I have defined my goal, in no uncertain terms, apologetically, I am ready to figure out how to achieve it!


How I Eat!

Now, back to the topic at hand.
In order to achieve my goal, I have to train (my favorite part), true.  But more importantly than that, I have to  eat!

I train to get stronger!  I eat to get stronger, leaner, and everything in between!

Let’s just bypass the elephant in the room

I pay attention to what I eat.  I track. I weigh and measure my food.  I sometimes eat in a deficit, and I sometimes don’t.

I think about what I eat and when I eat it.

There, we are done!  My goals are important to me.  I want to meet and surpass my goals, so I am willing to do what it takes to achieve them.  And part of achieving them, is thinking, planning, doing, and winning – all the things that people don’t like to do (except the winning part).

But guess what, you will never be a winner, without doing the other things in the list.  Plain and simple.


I’m a plain Jane, anyway.  I have always eaten very simply – and that has not changed.

I don’t do sauces, period.

What can I say?

I have macro goals that I need to meet everyday.  What’s a macro?  Macro (short f or macronutrients) are divided into protein, carbohydrate, and fat.

I track the amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat, everyday – and alter my intake throughout the day so that I meet and do not exceed these macro goals.



I eat lean meats, all the time.  I eat a lot of chicken breast and fish; mostly tilapia and tuna, but I do love salmon.  So when I eat salmon, I plan for salmon (which means I eat very little fat during the day).  Salmon has a lot of fat.  Salmon is a very good fat, but still a fat.  Whether it’s a “good” or “bad” fat, I still track as fat, and it comes off my fat macros.

I also eat egg whites, and only very lean red meat (bison, filet mignon, skirt steak, london broil, 93% or better ground beef).  I don’t eat anything where the fat content is higher than protein, like lamb, short ribs, porter house, NY strip, etc.

Another lean protein would be a protein powder.  I don’t do a lot of protein powder (maybe once every 2-3 months) if I want a dessert-like meal or snack.  It seems that I meet my protein requirement so easily (It’s effortless), that I don’t need help from a protein powder.

Everyone is different.  There isn’t anything wrong with protein powder.  It’s not evil.  I just chose to eat my protein and not drink it.

Meal replacements wouldn’t qualify as a lean protein (in my opinion).  I don’t do meal replacements, and I don’t recommend meal replacements.  If you are wondering why, email me and ask.



I love me some fats.  If I could eat all protein and fat, I would.  LOL.

I love nuts and nut butter, so all the fats I eat are in nuts and nut butters.  No kidding.


I just love them, so I make a choice, I don’t use butter, I don’t cook with oil, when I eat salads, I don’t use dressing, I use balsamic vinegar.  I eat almond butter and almonds – and that is how I achieve my fat requirements.



No kidding.

I also eat eggs, avocado (during the winter months when they are their buttery best!), fats in the protein and fish – and that’s about it.

Really, I eat almond butter.

One thing I do is I bought one of those sprayers from target, I put avocado oil, and just spirt things.  Like if I want a little oil to sautee veggies, I just spirt it in the pan.  But mostly, I use olive-oil or coconut oil spray that I buy in the store.  🙂

Cause then, I can eat more almond butter!  That’s what I like, so that’s what I do.



I eat carbohydrates.  I eat bread, I eat rice, I eat fruit and I eat veggies.

I track and make my macro goals.

Whole grains keep me fuller longer, so when I am cutting calories, I eat a lot of whole grains.  With that said, I am an over eater and have strong over eating tendencies.  I know myself.

So even when I am eating in a surplus, I do eat whole grains.  They fill up my stomach more, making me feel fuller.

But i do eat white rice and white bread, but only after a workout – and when I do, I get hungry faster (because they are fast absorbing).  It’s really good for the muscles, but not so much for my over eating tendencies.

I don’t want to over eat and I don’t want to be obsessed with food – so I tend to stick with the whole grains.

I love Ezekiel bread, brown/white rice (again the white rice is fast absorbing and better after training), white bread (better after training), all fruits (apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries) in moderation, and potatoes (I like sweet potatoes).  What else?

What do you want to eat?  Eat what you want and track.

How I eat

I eat very simply, a protein, a carbohydrate, and vegetables.

<looks around>

I don’t do sauces.  I eat hot sauce.  I eat what I feel like eating, and I track.

I like egg whites, so I eat a lot of egg whites and whole eggs with sweet potato, rice,  and rolled oats.  I eat turkey bacon.

<shrugs shoulders>

I don’t do things like cakes and pies, not because I don’t like them, but because they trigger my allergies.  I hate sneezing and I don’t like taking Zyrtec.  I feel like, the less pills the better.  I want to exist in this world on my own, without help from pharmaceuticals.

That’s me.  It’s who I am, and I don’t apologize.

I don’t allow anyone to enable me to cheat.  If I want to cheat, I will cheat.  When I want to stay on track, I’m solid.  I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks.

I tend to eat the same things everyday.  I rotate, but basically it’s the same.


With that said, it’s really easy for me to deal eating out, because I don’t succumb to peer pressure – period.

I don’t eat out often.  Once every few months.  It’s practical.  We have 4 kids, and it’s expensive.  We are building a house and we need furniture.

Plus its greasy.

I eat chicken breast, tuna and salmon.  I eat salad without dressing (or I bring my own balsamic), or I eat it with salsa.

I get nothing that is doused in sauce.  I order the sauce on the side.

It really depends on the restaurant.  Most times I check the menu before hand and make a plan.  If the restaurant doesn’t have much, I eat a plain salad, and then eat something else when I get home.

If I want to eat a ton of chips and guac, then that’s what I do.  It’s worth it to me.

If it’s not worth it, I will enjoy the company and eat when I get home.

I don’t drink, not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t like it.  I don’t like the way it makes me feel, and I don’t like the taste.

I never drink.  I never have.  It’s not me, so it’s easy.


So I think that’s it.  I have it covered.

What other questions do you have?  Email me!

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