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Most women’s jeans are a prized possession in their wardrobe, and it no wonder: this versatile staple item can go the extra mile. From a laid back look with a tshirt, to dressed up and formal, jeans are the secret ingredient to creating a multifunctional wardrobe.  Given the vast selection of styles, cuts, washes and colors out there, you should definitely keep your wits about you when choosing the right pair for you! Here’s how to do it, no matter your build:

I am apple-shaped – help!

Tapered ankle jeans are perfect for an apple shape. If your lower body lets your upper body do the talking when it comes to curves, try this cut, or even skinny jeans. Both these cuts are great on skinny legs. Pair it with a loose, billowing top for balance, and a high-rise waistline
to create curves where you feel you might fall short.  I have an hourglass figure – now what?   Lucky you! Your proportions will mean that your bust and hips will be a similar diameter, creating a natural sense of balance. Rock it with a pair of skinny flares, to help accentuate your natural shape and help create visual balance. Show off a shapely middle with high-rise flare jeans, or enhance your bum with back pockets of a medium size.

I am very athletic

Chances are that you will have narrow hips and be rather muscular, which puts you in the fortunate position of being able to wear almost any type of jeans for women you want to! Your biggest problem will be dictated by your natural proportions.  Shorter legs can be lengthened by high-rise skinny jeans, while bootleg and flare cuts can make a straight figure seem more shapely.  With so many cuts and styles about, there really is something available for everybody, no matter what their body type. Simply switching up the dye color or wash on a new pair of jeans can go a long way in refreshing and renewing your look.

Try on jeans across brands, styles and colors. There’s no need to hold back when you are trying on things, so go to town and try on as many different kinds as you have patience for! The more variety you expose yourself to, the better the quality of the final decision will be, as you will be able to get a more
comprehensive idea of what suits your style and body, and what style is the most flattering.  Remember that jeans are an investment – they are very durable, so the decision you make now, will be with you for years to come. Choose a classic cut that fits you well, and you will have a timeless look that can outlast the coming and going of trends.

Take the time to do your homework and to figure out what works for you. Your future self will thank you for making the right decisions now to help you look good later on in


What are your favorite type of jeans?

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