Is Risk Painful?

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

~Anais Nin

In this context, what does the word painful mean?

Does it mean a physical pain?  A mental pain?  A pain of the soul?  A pain of the heart?

What does it mean – to be in pain?

Does taking a risk – cause you pain?

In this context, I think the word painful means fear.  A fear of stepping out into unknown territory.  There is so much fear – that it is actually painful to our ability to progress – or – to become beautiful.

You are actually risking more by being fearful (by fearing the failure to succeed) than you are risking by taking the steps that will make yourself reach your potential – to shine!

What if all of us just have the courage to step out of that “safe place”?

What if we all had the courage it takes to reach new heights?!  To shine?!

How great would this world be?

So, I guess the better questions are…

Are you courageous?  Are you ready to shine?!

I am.



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  1. Hi Lisa -I think what you are suggesting , is that by reframing “fear” as “courage” you are taking a negative feeling and turning it into something positive . Fear as you describe it can be used as an alarm bell, that yes it a difficult challenge but in meeting it head on as a courageous act can give us momentum to take the step out of our safe place. I love that idea because renaming it changes how we think about that challenge, then how we feel about it and most importantly what we do about t. I am going to remember that the next time I feel that fear creeping in! Thank you.

    • Gilly. I so love when you come by and leave comments. They are always so inspiring and heartfelt.

      I always feel like I have to be positive. It drives me. I would do nothing if I was afraid. Who wants to live their life in fear?

  2. WOnderful. This is something to have knocking around in your brain all the time- it’s so true. And I love the Anais Nin quote.

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