It’s Time to Act – A Revolution for THE FAMILY!

I have never been the excitable type.  I have never been a loud mouth, a busy body or anything else along those lines.  I have also never been a strong advocate for anything.  I guess that’s because I have never felt passionate enough about anything to advocate for it.  I sort of thought, well people will do what they want to do, and that’s fine.

With that said, the state of the family in America – is – well…

The state of the family in America is horrible – and nobody seems to even care.  DOES ANYBODY CARE (saying this very loud as if nobody is listening)?

It seems like we all exist in this vacuum and we just go on – and accept the mess.  The more mess that happens, the more we accept it.


The family is the center to everything.  If your family is not working, nothing works.  Can you concentrate at work when you’ve just had a fight with your spouse?  What about your kids?  Probably not.  What if your kids and their parents are at odds constantly? Do you think they will grow up empowered and “loving thy father and thy mother”?


Our strength or lack thereof comes from the very foundation which makes us happiest or most miserable – our families.  If we increased the cohesiveness of our families, the bonds would be so strong, the negative influences (from the outside) have a more difficult time penetrating the strong force field of love.  Figure 1

See those negative influences bouncing off?

Boing…Boing…Boing…Bouncing off into the abyss.  In my mind – this is the ideal and certainly what I want.

What do you think will happen if part of the family unit breaks away – or no longer works?  Figure 2

Now there are holes.  What do you think will happen to those negative influences now?

This is what this blog is about.  This is what I care about.  This is what I think about.

I am not an expert by any means, but am an expert in my own life.  So, I plan to discuss these things through discussion of my own life experiences, thoughts, actions, beliefs, and ideas.  I love to bounce things back and forth, so hopefully others would also like to contribute their life experiences, thoughts, actions, believes and ideas as well.

I am hoping that this will be a positive place with positive vibes – where people will come to be empowered!

I certainly will be.

I’m ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.  Are you?


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