Jump Rope Tutorial for Beginners


Jump rope is great for #weightloss #fatloss in no time

I love using the jump rope in my at home workouts.  It’s a great way to increase the heart rate fast.  In 5-10 minutes, you have a great fat-loss workout.  It’s great for homeschoolers.  It’s cheap and effective.

Today, I have a beginning tutorial on how to use the jump rope for fitness.





Jump Rope

Interlocking Foam Mats

Water in a 1 L water Bottle (You want to drink for of them in the day).

Playlist with your favorite tunes




Proper Measurement

Make sure you boil your rope per the directions (2-3 minutes).  Then cut it according to the picture.

Proper way to cut a jump rope


 NOTE: If you live in a place that’s cold, make sure to cut it a bit longer, and then put knots in it to make the right height.  The rope will contract in the cold.  So, when it’s cold outside, just untie the knots, and the rope will be at the right height!





This is only a 5 minute workout.  You will do the bounce step and keep count.  You want to be able to do 140 jumps consistently before you move on , or use our workouts.

To avoid frustration, only work 5-minutes each day.  Set a timer for 5-minutes.  When you mess up, start over.  Keep at it and you will do it!!!!



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Me July 2016 I started my journey in February 2014 and had high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic.  By July, I had lost 60 lbs.  I got pregnant, and maintained my clean eating and exercise program throughout my pregnancy.  I had a very healthy pregnancy and had a home waterbirth at 42 weeks.  I continued my training and eating regimen while breastfeeding.  Now, I have lost almost 100 lbs, am no longer on high blood pressure medication, have improved my cholesterol ratio significantly and am no longer pre-diabetic.

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  1. I jump rope for fitness too! It’s so much harder than I remember from jumping rope as a kid! It’s an efficient workout too! I hate it but I do it.
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