How to Keep Your HVAC Safe Around Children

You work hard to make sure that your home and your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit are safe and efficient. With children in the equation, you will want to be sure that your child-proofing has included your HVAC unit to prevent any costly repairs. The few precautions listed below will ensure a properly guarded HVAC system and safe children.




Guarding the condenser

The condenser is the part of your HVAC unit outside the home. Some households have it on the roof but many have it placed on a side of the house. These are large and dangerous to climb, have sharp edges which can cut, and can be damaged by playing children. Placing a guarding barrier, such as a fence, around the condenser will keep children off the unit and ensure the fins which guide air in do not accidentally bend. It will also keep debris, foliage, or little toys from entering the unit and possibly blocking airflow or damaging the fan.


Tightening vent covers

The vent covers stop debris and items from falling into your vents. Indoor air quality is important for overall health, particularly for those prone to asthma or other respiratory ailments.  Switching out your metal vent covers or registers for plastic will help the life of your system and prevent bends. If children hiding items in there is a concern, you may want to secure the covers. Particularly for older children, you can screw the covers into the walls and floors. Even adding some double-sided tape will provide some security but may not be enough to keep children from lifting the registers.


Activating the lock feature on thermostats

Curious children are often tactile learners and prone to exploration through touch. Placing thermostats out of children’s reach will help maintain a functioning and efficient HVAC unit. Some smart thermostats have a locking feature that necessitates a password for operating. There are also covers available to secure the mounted unit. If your thermostat comes with a remote control store it in a locked cabinet or drawer, or high up where children can not reach.


How to teach your kids to be energy efficient


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Another effective method is through educating your children about the importance of energy efficiency. Children can learn from an early age that regular maintenance will result in cleaner air quality and an efficient HVAC unit. Showing them to keep bedroom windows closed and curtains drawn during the day will keep the HVAC system from unnecessarily overworking.  At a young age, they can also learn that leaving toys near the registers results in blocked airflow impeding the airflow through the condenser or ductwork and reduces the equipment’s efficiency. This could result in a mechanical problem requiring the waste of additional resources.
There are also some creative and interactive games suggested by Willard Heating and Air Conditioning which help engage children and teach them to be proactive in the care of HVAC systems. With all members of a household caring for your HVAC, the system will continue to provide comfort for years to come.


Do you have problems with your kids and your HVAC?

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