Leap Year – Inspired Activities for Preschoolers

Simple Leap Year- Inspired Activities for Preschoolers #homeschool #preschoolathome #prek #freeprintables
In order for me to do everything I need to do, to teach the older kids, to exercise and be a mother, I need easy, simple and fun things for my preschooler to do.

Since every four years, we have a special day – February 29th, I thought it would be fun to do some fun rabbit and frog-inspired leap year activities.

All of these activities are print and go, and are meant for fun supplemental learning for preschoolers.


Leap Year – Inspired Activities

This is a fun and Free Montessori – Inspired unit from Living Montessori Now.

This activity was a lot of fun.  My preschooler worked on his matching, memory and math skills.

There are 3 activities in this one easily integrated activity.
Montessori-inspired leap year activities #montessori #leapyear #preschoolathome #homeschool #prek


In this activity, we match each frog to the number on the log.  We printed out multiple game boards and multiple numbered frogs.  Then, we picked the frog and matched the number.  If we picked a number we already matched, we put the frog back in the pond and try again.

The first person who has filled their log with frogs wins the game!

As an addition to this activity, you can draw out a pond or pool and place it  in the middle of the game space. Then simply place the frogs in the pond or pool!


#preschoolathome Match the frogs in this fun leap year-inspired printable #montessori


In this activity, we simply match the frogs, and paste them right below the match!  In this activity, I cut out the frogs, but as an additional gross motor activity, your child can work on their cutting!

I just put all the cut out frogs in the pool, and then my preschooler found the matches and pasted!

He loved it!


Leap year inspired memory game #preschoolathome #homeschool #kbn #learningthroughplay
This is a Montessori-inspired leap year memory game.  To keep it simple, I only used 6 matches for this game, but caterer the number of frogs to your child.

Grayson is a busy-body and doesn’t like to stick with one activity for too long.


Other Leap Year-Inspired Free Activities

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Are you planning for any fun Leap Year – inspired activities or projects?  I would love to hear about them.


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