How Much Should You Be Spending on Living Room Furniture?


Looking for furniture for your living room? Whether you want to upgrade your furniture or you have just moved into a new room and looking for living room furniture sets, there is always a budget in your mind. You must be asking yourself how much you should spend. There is a difference between how much you can spend and how much you should spend.

Notwithstanding your budget, there is a limit to paying for living room furniture. Once you meet your needs with essential furniture pieces, you can go slightly ahead and look for decorative items. In the end, you should stay within your budget restrictions. It is better to decide on the budget so that you end up buying the right furniture you require for your living room. So, here is a detailed explanation of how much you should be spending on living room furniture. But, let’s begin with what sort of furniture you need!



Furniture You Definitely Need for your Living Room

There are a few pieces of furniture that you definitely need for your living room. First of all, there is a sofa set you must consider. Or, you can go for a couch if you lack space in your living room. Then, a coffee table or end table is a necessary item. A TV stand or TV unit is also an essential item for your living room nowadays. You can stop right there if your needs are fulfilled. However, if you can go ahead, do so and look for some additional decor.

Some Additional Decor

Apart from a sofa, couch and TV unit, you need to place a rug in your living room. You may consider home furnishing as well. Drapes, display cabinets and storage units are some common pieces of living room furniture in the modern houses of the UK. You can slightly extend your budget for these additional pieces of furniture!

How Much Should Each Piece of Furniture Cost?

In other words, you can ask how much you should spend each piece of furniture mentioned above. First of all, you can spend around $1900 on the sofa or couch. Secondly, you can spend $250 on the coffee table, $125 on the end table and £200 on the storage unit. For a TV unit, you should not spend more than $375-$450 for a display cabinet. Considering rugs, you can spend $100 on rugs.

How Much You Should Spend Overall

Now, you first need to decide what pieces of furniture you need for your living room. You may require all of them or you may not need a few of them. Anyways, considering a complete living room furniture set for your houses, the overall spending should not be more than $3500. This is an ideal spending for your living room. Your budget can be slightly less or slightly more than that. However, choose the right furniture since it is more important to fulfill your needs rather than worrying about what you spend.


We finished building our house about 5 months ago, and are looking into buying simple living room furniture.  We want a clean look, so are not looking to fill the room, but what something very elegant and classy.  What pieces of furniture are your favorites?

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