7-Awesome Low Carb Recipes with 5-Ingredients or Less

A low carb diet has many benefits especially now that everyone is looking for a simple recipe that can fit their busy schedule and lifestyles. You can come up with your diet even you are not a creative person in the kitchen when given a few ingredients to come up with a meal.

Such meals do not require much time to prepare and require less than five or fewer ingredients. However, if you are looking for a simple keto diet to supplement your lifestyle needs, this is the place to start.




Fried Vegetables and Eggs in Coconut Oil

The recipe serves as a great breakfast that you can enjoy every day. Its richness in protein and healthy greens should keep you full for the longest time.

You will need Coconut oil, fresh or frozen vegetable, eggs, spinach, and spices.


  • Add coconut oil to the frying pan and turn up the heat
  • Add vegetables and let them thaw in the heat for a few minutes
  • Add about three to four eggs
  • Add spices as blended or spices mixed with salt and pepper
  • Add spinach into the mix (this is optional)
  • Stir-fry until ready to eat


Greens and Salsa with Grilled Chicken Wings

The menu can also be one of your favorites because of the shortest time it takes, and it is a good menu if you imagine how people love to eat bones straight from the bone. Delicious menu for the kids too.

You will need chicken wings, salsa, spices, and greens


  • Use a spice blend of your choice to rub the chicken wings
  • Place them in the oven and set the heat to 180 -200 degrees Celsius or 360 -395 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 40 minutes
  • Grill until the wings are brown and look crunchy
  • Serve with some greens and salsa


Bacon and Eggs

In as much as bacon is processed meat and may not pass as healthy meat, it can serve as a low carb food. You can mix it up to create a low-carb diet and still manage to lose weight. If you can eat your bacon in moderation not more than twice per week, then prepare this meal and add to your salad serving.

You will need Bacon, spices, and eggs


  • Add the bacon to a pan and fry until ready
  • Place the bacon on a plate and fry three to four eggs in the bacon fat
  • Add more flavors to the eggs and put in a bit of sea salt, garlic powder, and onion powder when frying.


Sliced Bell Peppers and Ground Beef

This food serves as a low carb meal and can qualify as keto supplements. It does not require so much beef to make one.

You need Onion, ground beef, one bell pepper, spices, and coconut oil


  • Chop the onions into fine pieces
  • Add coconut oil into the pan and increase the heat
  • Add onion as you stir for at least a minute
  • Add ground beef
  • Add the spices that can either be a blend or use salt and pepper
  • Add chili powder and some black pepper to spice up your meal
  • Stir-fry and serve with a sliced bell pepper


Bunless Cheeseburgers

Imagine serving a bunless burger with two kinds of cheese a side dish of raw salad or spinach.

You will need Butter, hamburger patties, cheddar or cream cheese, and spices


  • Add butter to the pan and turn on the heat
  • Add the patties and spices
  • Flip the patties and until close to readiness
  • Add a few bits of cheddar and cream on top of the cheese
  • Reduce the heat, put a lid on the pan, and wait for the cheese to melt
  • Serve with raw salad or spinach as you drizzle the fat from the pan over the greens as you wish
  • Salsa will make the buggers more juicer


Fried Pieces of Chicken Breast

If you have a sweet tooth use butter to fry the chicken breast.

You will need chicken breast, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and curry


  • Cut the chicken breasts into small pieces
  • Add butter to the frying pan and start the heat
  • Add the chicken pieces, curry, garlic powder, and salt simultaneously
  • Make sure the chicken cooks to brown
  • Serve with leafy vegetables.


Meat-Based Pizza – Meatza

If your low card diet does not have a pizza menu, here is one for your palate. With very few ingredients, you will find this taste even better than the traditional varieties.

You will need Shredded cheese, Bacon, onions, garlic powder, and ground beef


  • Chop the onions into fine pieces as you cut the bacon into small slices
  • Mix the salsa, ground beef, onions, garlic powder, and spices at the bottom of the baking dish
  • Sprinkle shredded cheese on the top and cover with additional bacon slices
  • Leave in the oven heat at 180-200 degrees Celsius or 360-395 degrees Fahrenheit for between 30 and 40 minutes or until the bacon looks crunchy

Why Low Carb Diets?

Such diets prove to offer numerous health benefits some of which are associated with keto supplements. The recipes need a few minutes to be ready, and the good thing is that they all use less than five ingredients like any other low carb diet in your mind.

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