Lower Body Exercises for the Holdiays


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I understand that the holidays are tough.  But honestly, I can say that everything started working better when I committed to improving myself.  The day I decided to start was the best and the worse in my life.  I have never been so close to the breaking point.

But look at me now.  I have carved out some obliques.  I am 15 lbs. away from having lost half of my body weight.  I am proud of what I have accomplished.  I love looking in the mirror.  I never in my life believed that I could accomplish this.  The way I have been able to do this is through consistency.  I put in my 30 minutes of training each and every day – even on Christmas, even on the kids birthdays, even on New Years, even on Valentines Day, even on Sunday, even on Easter – every day.  Unrelenting.

I have stuck to my nutrition “non-plan” plan.

I know there are others out there who are determined to have a “no-gain” holiday.  I know there are more people than me interested in having a better life.  I can feel it.

Since Thanksgiving, I have lost 8 lbs. and I make no excuses for failure – not even Christmas.


Lower Body Exercise Ideas for the Holidays

I know it’s difficult to stay on track with all the holiday treats and busyness.   I am determined to give you some ideas of exercises that you can do with minimal equipment, within a small space.  You can do these anywhere there is gravity – in a rest stop, in your mother in law’s guest bedroom, in an overcrowded hotel room, or in your living room.


All you need is some heart, and a set of loop bands, which can be tucked in a suitcase or purse.



Here are 4- exercises from my butt workout that you can do anywhere.

1.  Jumping lunges. This exercise targets the glute on the leg that is firmly planted on the floor. Make sure you go deep when you step back into the lunge. If your knee sweeps the floor, you are good. The front knee should be at 90 degrees. That knee shouldn’t jet out over the toe. Body upright, core tight.

2. Clams. Put the loop band over your knees, bend knees abou45-degreeee angle. Now the loop band should be resistant enough so the last 3 are a challenge. You should feel the burn in the side of your booty. If not, go up on resistance or use two bands. This one targets your hips and sides of your booty.

3. Bulgarian squats. This one is a butt one. Make sure the standing leg is far away so that the knee doesn’t jet over the toe. You want a 90-degree angle in that standing knee. You need to go deep, ideally, the non-standing knee should sweep the floor.

Keep your body upright and core tight. The last 3 should be ugh. If not, you aren’t going deep enough.

4. Inner thigh thingies. These target your inner thigh. You don’t need much resistance on this one. Start with your lightest band. Put one side under your foot and put the other end over the ankle of the leg you want to work. Flex the foot and point it outward (not up towards the ceiling). Make sure to keep that working leg straight because it ensures you are targeting the inner thigh.

With all of these exercises, I do 15 per leg, keep rest periods very short and do 3 rounds.

I hope this gives you ideas of easy things you can do to stay healthy during the holiday season.

For more “bang for your buck” do this after you get up in the morning and before you eat. 

Are you Interested in Getting Healthy in the New Year?

Are you interested in more workouts and information on my nutrition “non-plan”?




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