Making Dating a Family Event

Oh yeah!

I have been thinking about dating a lot lately.  I know, I know – my kids are only 6 months, 4 years and 8 years old. 

I firmly believe that now is the time to set the foundation.  When my son starts talking about having a girlfriend and going on a date, I say things like…

1.  You better leave those girls alone. 
2.  Thinking about girls is the wrong thing to do right now. 
3.  Your first priority is school. Do your best in school, go out on a mission if you want, go to college and get a great education.  Girls can and should wait.
4.  You will have a free ride so long as you stay in school.  You won’t have to work and you will always have dinner on the table.
5.  Don’t focus on liking one person in particular.  Have lots of friends.
6. The time will come soon enough.  Now, concentrate on playing soccer.

He’s 8 so this stuff works now.  But, there will come a time when it doesn’t work.

So, here is my thinking on this matter.

They can start dating at 16 or maybe 17 – not any sooner.  And, when he goes out on a date, this is how it will work…

Do you recognize this scene?  It’s from the Godfather (c.1972) where Michael Corleone goes out on a date with Apellonia Vitelli.  You see that woman in the front?  The one with the black scarf?

That’s me.

Yep – Ava, Grayson, Dad and I will be following right behind him – every step of the way.  You think I’m lying?  The things going on these days….I kid you not.

Now, I have had some good ideas in the past – but this one takes the cake!

Oh yeah!  One step ahead at all times.

So tell me my friends, do you think it’s a  good idea to make date night a family night?  What are you planning to do/what do you do/what have you done to ensure the safety of your kids when they start dating?  Please do take the time to comment – because I really really want to know. 


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