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super-momToday, I’m at Nap Time is My Time, where I talk a lot about the stress of everyday life on Mommy’s – and some things we can do to just exhale.  As a partner (spouse, Mom, Dad, Brother Sister, Son, Daughter) post , I want to talk about how to battle those negative feelings with Mama Mantras!

We can be so hard on ourselves, can’t we?

To do this, I thought I would list just a few Mommy Mantras – short phrases we can say to ourselves when those negative feelings start creeping into our head.

I am beautiful I am smart
I love myself I do absolutely everything I can for my children
I am smart I can make mistakes and be okay
I have  woman wisdom I make great decisions for my kids
I make good decisions about my family I have the ability to dream
I can be successful I am able
I am capable I am lovely
I make good decisions about and for my children If I work hard, I can to achieve my dreams
I will accomplish my goals I am wealthy
I deserve the best in life I deserve the best in love
I am more than my mop I am more than my job
I deserve the life I want I work extremely hard everyday
 It is okay to be wrong I can learn from my mistakes
 I have control over my mind and body I make good decisions about myself
 I make great financial decisions I have a brain and can think
 It is okay to feel ____________ I love life
 I am happy I make good decisions
 I am worth it I deserve the best
 I deserve to be loved in the way that I want to be loved I deserve to be treated with respect
I take responsibility for myself  I love all my imperfections
 I love myself Nobody will put me down
I am responsible I can and do dream
I love my body I love myself for who I am
I love myself for how I am I have the perfect personality
I am just how our Heavenly Father intended I deserve the best
I embrace my imperfection I am awesome!


There are millions of others.  When those negative thoughts start creeping in – immediately remember what makes you unique, beautiful, magical and perfect in every single way!  Repeat…repeat…repeat!

If you do that.  You will be nothing you can’t accomplish.  Nothing you can’t dream.  You will be all powerful!

What are your personal Mantras?

What is your superpower?


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