Meet Lisa

About Lisa The squishable baby


I have done many interesting and varied things in my life.  I have been PhD student in Cellular and Molecular Biology – turned Masters Degree.  I have been a wedding planner – turned business owner for 10 years.  Then there was the stint in sewing, selling wool pants for babies and toddlers.  Finally, my most important work – what I am most proud of – Homeschool mother and fitness journey crusher!

I guess eccentric would be the word!

Everything I have done and all of my experiences in life has contributed to who and what I am now.  For the first time, I have morphed into something I am very proud of.  I am happy, I am healthy, I feel good about myself – the way I look, the way I feel inside and the way I see myself.  I am finally able to look myself in the mirror – and smile.  I love what I see.

Everything has contributed in what I want my children to be, how I want them to feel.  I certainly hope they have more varied and exciting experiences as I have.  I hope they are able to expand their minds, reach the highest heights, love who they are and what they see in the mirror.  They deserve that, from the beginning.

Why homeschool?  Well, it has changed over the years.  It’s something very different now than when I started.  Originally, it was to help my oldest be more confident.  Now, not so much.  I have seen the great benefits of homeschooling.  They are able to think independently, act on their creative desires, and be free to explore and look at the world as they see fit.  They are not afraid to ask the hard questions.  There are no preconceived ideas, which is wonderful!  They seek out knowledge, they ask the important questions, and search for the answers for themselves.

They don’t follow the crowd, which I think is extraordinary.

I’m raising leaders.

I have no doubt that this is the best decision that I have made.