Messages from Hadyn – Mario Bros

Messages from hadyn

Messages from Hadyn, Ramblings of an 8 year old is a learn to write blog series.  I thought it would be interesting and fun for Hadyn to start blogging to improve his writing.  I think it’s better than going through a workbook.  I am hoping that it will help him to apply what he learns in school.

Right now, we are looking for complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation.

The only requirement is that he write 3-5 good sentences.  He can write on the topic of his choice.


Mario is an Italian  plumber that lives in the Mushroom Kingdom with Toad and Princess Peach.  He has a lot of enemies like Bowser and his Goombas. His younger brother is Luigi.  I cant describe how old Mario and Luigi are. I would say about 50 but I don’t know. Mario always saves princess Peach from Bowser.

Luigi loves to find gold.  He appeared  in Mario Bros Wii  and Super Mario Bros theClassic.

Here is a picture of Mario. MARIO



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  1. Thank you Hadyn for reintroducing me to Mario – I used to know him but we haven’t been in touch for a really long time. Please say hello for me!
    Mud Hut Mama recently posted…A Lion Pride Begins?My Profile

  2. this is super cute and a very good idea! Maybe he will want to be a blogger one day?
    kelly thompson recently posted…Have you heard of Andy Alligator’s water park?My Profile

  3. I think that is great babe. literacy is important to learn and master. I bet he is so proud of himself too!
    karen recently posted…Shining Down on HimMy Profile

    • Hey Karen,

      I think you are right. Literacy might be the most important of all. Match can always come – but if you can’t read and write – you are sunk.

      In order to get anywhere, you have to know how to write, at least decently. Try to get into a good college without some sort of writing skills. Try to get a job. You would only have so many low-end choices.

      Thanks so much for your comments. Of course I always love it when you stop in!
      Lisa recently posted…The Shabbat Princess – A Book ReviewMy Profile

  4. I love the idea of your kid writing a blog… I keep thinking I should suggest it to my eldest, but he’s still only 5yo, might be too soon for him.
    CharlieBeth recently posted…Adventure for 3 boys & meMy Profile

    • Hey there,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

      It’s fun for Hadyn to write the his entries. He loves it when people leave comments – he’s so cute!

      Really, it gives him a chance to use the skills he has learned. Just because you know where to put a period in the workbook, doesn’t mean you know in normal writing. And of course, normal writing is the goal.

      I hope you have a good evening!
      Lisa recently posted…The Shabbat Princess – A Book ReviewMy Profile

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