My Perfect Day

Ahhhh, wouldn’t it be great to live a perfect day, everyday? 


I would be golden.

Well, I don’t live a perfect day everyday.  In fact, I have yet to live this day.  Everyday, I strive to live it, hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute.  But just because I don’t live my perfect day, doesn’t mean I can’t dream about it.

Each step I take towards it, I am winning!

My perfect day starts before I even wake up, or even go to bed the night before.  It starts with my kids making their own lunch, preparing their own water bottles and putting everything in the fridge.  My day really  starts with my freshman waking up with his alarm, getting his own breakfast, getting his clothes on in the right orientation, making his own breakfast, and getting out the door with his lunchbox, backpack, and anything he needs for the day.

If we accomplished just this, my perfect day would be done!

In my perfect world, I would sleep until 7 and fast until 11.  I would get up, get myself moving and wake up the elementary school kids at 7:30.  They would get their cereal and get ready to go, while I fixed Grayson’s lunch (1st grader) and then blog.  They would get out of the door by 9 and catch the bus by 9:05.  Roya (my preschooler) would then get up.  I would get her food, and I would hold her and play with her until 11. 

At 11, I would prepare a light lunch for Roya (for school) and something for her to eat at home.  I would take my Gateroade zero out of the freezer, so that it thawed just enough.  This way, there is enough ice left to keep it cold throughout my entire workout.  I would prepare my pre-workout meal, which would consist of exactly 25% of my daily carbs, and just a bit of protein.  Now that I am reverse dieting, it would be a homemade English Muffin, with 2 ounces of homemade skyr yogurt, and 20-30g of strawberry jam, with water.  While I ate, I would read the news on my iPhone, which always gets me revved up for a hard and heavy workout!  While I am cutting, I would probably do the english muffin with the homemade yogurt and leave the jam.  It depends on where my macros are.

I would get Roya ready to go.  I would prepare my pre-workout drink, exactly 45-minutes after I finished eating.  Take her to the bus, and then get in the car to go to the gym.  I would finish my pre-workout drink perfectly, so I feel the tingles when I am ready to do my cardio warm up!

My gym time starts with a cardio warm up.  What machine I do depends upon what muscles I am working.  The workout always starts with a 3 minute active warm-up followed by a  8-10 minute cardio warm-up. If it’s a leg day, I would treadmill run for 8-10 minutes or a mile.  If it’s a back and shoulder day, I would row 1000 meters followed by 5-7 minute run on the treadmill, or 8-10 minutes on the elliptical. 

The warm up gets my body moving and ready to work those muscle groups hard.

My perfect workout, would consist of a hard-working set, so my muscles are tired by the last 2-3 reps (they are hard) followed by a 30-45 second burst of something (a burpee derivative, push-ups, power jumps, tuck jumps, abs).  It really depends what I’m doing.  If I am working back and shoulders, than my bursts would be leg focused – where I would be doing a lot of squats, lunges, lung jumps, etc.

On one heavy leg day, I do a 30-minute HIIT at the end, where I do 6 cycles of 4:30 of jogging and 00:30 of sprinting or other burst (burpees, etc).  On my perfect heavy leg day, I would be enthusiastic about ending with this torture!

After the workout, I come home and shower.  Then eat my post-workout meal which contains exactly 25% of my daily carbs, and typically is rolled oats (without pesticides) drowned in skim milk and a piece of fruit (peach, nectarine, orange or apple).

Then Hadyn would come home from school.  I would get him going on his homework, and I would only need to say it once.  Or better yet, he uses his key, walks in, gets a snack and starts on his homework. 

I would drink my bcaa’s with creatine for better recovery, and take my multi-vitamin.

I would respond to any questions he had – and relax by watching TV (tennis, netflix, Game of Thrones) something fun.

The others would come home and start on their homework.  I would get Roya from the bus.  Give them a snack of fruit and crackers and start prepping dinner.

Dinner for the kids would be at 6, where we would talk about what happened during the day.  I would prepare a hearty shake to get some of my fat, carb and protein macros out-of-the-way.

I would roll-out my muscles with my Rumble Roller, for 30-minutes and then have dinner for hubby and I by 8:30.  I would finish dinner with a dessert of a homemade healthy brownie and a serving of almonds and be in bed by 10. 

Waking up at 7 AM, giving me full 9 hours of sleep, would complete my perfect day!

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  1. Lisa, I admire your precision! I do 16/8 Intermittent Fasting, fasting from 6pm to 10am and doing all my eating between 10am and 6 pm. And I exercise every morning, 7 days a week, though not nearly as scientifically as you! Which makes sense because at this stage I’m just fighting decrepitude rather that going for great things! Keep up the good work. And thank you for hosting #MMBH.
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