Nooooo – Not The Primary

I’m going to start out this post by saying – I know that Heavenly Father loves us very much – and knows each one of us personally.  I also do know that challenges are put in our path, because they make us grow in ways which are necessary for eternal growth.

However, I don’t want to teach Primary.  UGH  .

Just a week ago, I was telling one of my fellow Relief Society Sisters that I didn’t want the Primary calling.  I’m with kids all day – every day.  They never leave.  They are always there.  When I go to Church – for two hours I have time to myself (well, I have the baby but I often pass him off).  I have time to reflect and learn in peace.  In peace – with reflection.

Did you get that?  PEACE and QUIET reflection?

I really do enjoy and love Relief Society.  I feel renewed each week.

This past Sunday, the Bishop calls me in his office, and gives me the news.

Ugh, I should have never said anything.


It’s not the kids.  The kids are simply lovely.  I have 5 and they are very good, really cute and nice kids.  They are 7.

But, they are going to eat me for breakfast.  UGH.  I’m not nice and sweet like those other Relief Society sisters.  Like – you know – preschool type teachers.  I’m a slave driver.  Just ask my son and daughter.  Haha!  I’m much better for an AP high school class – 16/17 year old’s.  Not sweet and innocent little 7 year old’s.

I looked at the manual, and I have to prepare these lessons each week.  They are long.

Ugh…ugh…ugh.  You can always think of 100 reasons why you can’t do something.

I want my old calling back.  I liked conducting the music in Relief Society.

Of course since this calling comes from “On High” – my Heavenly Father and my Ward need me to do this – for whatever reasons.  I guess it’s better for me to do this then hang out with my Sisters each week.



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