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You are what you eat – literally!

Do you know that 80% of a weight loss campaign depends on what you eat?  Yes!  You can’t eat what you want and expect to exercise it off.  I know, I’ve tried!

As a chronic over eater, I was really sad to hear the news.  But it’s not all bad.  There are tons of quick, easy to make recipes that will not break the bank!  Make them for your entire family.  Here are great meas that can be made in bulk, placed in the fridge or freezer and thawed.

These recipes are Nelson Family Approved!

These recipes are for the busy homeschool mama who has to make a lot of food for a big family and wants to save time – and money.

Most of the ingredients can be bought at your local grocery store!
Do you need more energy to teach, make meals, take care of the kids and do everything else you need to do?  Are you interested in a delicious way to jump-start your heath, your energy and your weight loss?

Do you want to make clean eating a no-brainer?

It’s simple to incorporate into your day – and super fast to prepare.

Shakeology!  Your answer to 70 superfoods, your probiotic, your multi-vitamin and your sugar craving all in one delicious, all natural, whole-food super dense nutrition shake.
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