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Fat loss program giveaway


I am giving away one spot in my fat-loss and nutrition program.


My Beliefs

Core Fitness

Core fitness is the cornerstone to all fitness.  Core fitness makes everything easier – not only in your training regimen, but more importantly in your everyday life.  The core is the basis to my program.



Cardio is not a huge focus, but it is part of the program.  Less is more and more doesn’t help here.  High intensity training.  I put weight in your hands more of a metabolic burn.  We are all busy, and I hate cardio.  It’s not about working harder, it’s about working more efficiently.



Weights are paramount to people who want to burn fat.  I use weights and body weight everyday.



Stability and balance are key to ultimate fitness.  This is where your increase in core strength will help you.


Program Layout

Using an intermittent fasting model, we will train less than 30 minutes a day using a variety of tools, most of which we have in our own house.  It’s a 7 day a week program.  We will eat well and train 6 days a week – leaving Sunday as a rest day, or optional workout day.

Being in it everyday will help you get lean, lose fat, become stronger and be more confident.

This program is meant to lead into a maintainable lifestyle.  A lifestyle which kept, will keep you lean and healthy forever.  No need to worry about gaining back the weight that you lost.

All the workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home, with no supplements to start, in 5-30 minutes a day.

Here are some of the moves you will see in the workout.





Cardio with Weights



Core work on Stability ball



Fun Core and Plyo




In this giveaway, you will have access to all workout videos, present and new – forever.  You will also have access to an ongoing and private Facebook group for nutrition advice, support, encouragement and private giveaways!


It’s open worldwide 8/16/16 – 9/13/16


Enter below for your chance to win!





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