Our Love For Books Week – The Final Hoorah!

Well, World Book Day has come and gone, and we have happened upon Friday – the end of the work week (well, for people who work 9-5 jobs) –  and also the last installment in my Our Love For Books series.  Actually, I had a really good time with this series, and hope to continue it monthly.  Learning and growing is an ongoing process – as is our Children ‘s love for reading.  So, I am looking forward to sharing fun and educational books with you throughout the year!

It seemed to me, that the best way to end this series (at least acutely anyway) was to take my kids on a trip to the library – to get more books!  Hahaha!

So, that’s what we did. Slide1 Slide6 Slide5 Slide4

It wasn’t all for the blog (which my kids say_.  They think that everything I do is because of my blog – which is simply not true.  Haha!.

My son wanted to get a book the teacher (at his homeschool co-op classes) read to them.


He is very excited about reading it himself.

Then, I picked up a few books to fuel our Monthly Goals art projects.  Haha!


What fun!  Definitely come back tomorrow and check out our first multicultural art project!

And better than all of this that I have just posted – we (collectively) learned more about finding books in our local library!

So, we are always looking to add to our personal library.  What great book have you or your kids read most recently?


Thanks for coming and hanging out with us this week!

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  1. We read “The Three Billy Goats Fluff” last night – it was on my daughter’s teacher’s request list at the book fair, so we bought it for her, and she kindly sent it home with Emma for us to borrow for a week. I’m so glad she did – it’s a very cute book (with a great message) and we may well get a copy for our home library now!

  2. Also, I’m very intrigued by that “International Crafts and Games” book!

  3. Stopping by from the Great Blog Train to check out your site. I LOVE the fact that reading is so important to you and your kids. I don’t think people emphasize the importance of books enough today. Bravo!

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