When you Change your Mind, You Will Change your Body – Overcoming Excuses

You change your mind - you change your body #health #fitness #21dayfix


For me, loosing weight and gaining health has been 100% mental.  I had to fix what was going on in my head – to make changes to my physical body.    When I talk about loosing weight to others – they say – it’s pretty simple.  Put out more energy than you take in.  They simplify the issue greatly.   Thing is – for me – it’s so much more than that.  It’s a mental struggle every single meal, every single morning at 5 AM when it’s time for me to get up and sweat – every single day – day in and day out.

I come up with so many excuses why I don’t need to exercise just one day or eat a donut, which my mind thinks I so desperately want.  Heck, my husband will come up with excuses for me; such as, you exercise 6 days per week, don’t you deserve a day off?

No, I don’t.
Be stronger than your excuses #health #fitness #21dayfix


Overcoming Excuses

I have become  good at being stronger than my excuses – for whatever they are.  Being mentally tough has allowed me to be able to lose 27 lbs in the last 8 weeks.  Being mentally strong has allowed me to become physically stronger.  Being disciplined has made me be able to withstand the rigors of forearm planks, burpees, lunges, side planks (yucky), and the dreaded full body push-ups  – week after week, day after day.

I have a long way to go – but my core is feeling very good right now!

The self-talk very important.  Before you begin a regimen like this, it’s very important to think about the reasons you are doing it.  You always need an honest reason – or else I would never make it.  It’s too tough.

My Honest Reason

I have seen people that I love – 48, 63, 50, 64 – die because of the way they choose to live their lives.  I am determined that is not going to be me.  I am not allowing my lifestyle to ruin my life.  I want to be around to see my children grow up, have children of their own – and be able to enjoy.  It is time to put the family on a new path.


My Excuses

When I come up with them (and they are too many to even list) I think about my honest reason. This is what get’s me through the tough spots.


The “Mind Change”

I am not saying that I cannot have a donut, or I would fall apart if I didn’t exercise just one day.  I’m talking about being  consistent, and loving myself more than I love eating a donut, or getting extra sleep.  It’s about pushing myself to be the best I can be.   I have gotten my children donuts, and have been strong enough to not partake.  That is a direct result of the “mind change”.  The old me, food was like a drug.  I ate a little – I craved more.  I ate a lot and then felt awful about myself.  Now, with the “mind change” not indulging does not bother me.

I also know when I can’t handle a situation.  Our Relief society had a dessert gathering about a month ago – including: cake, cookies, candy, brownies galore.  Everyone was supposed to bring a dessert.  Now way could I resist brownies at that time.  I knew I couldn’t handle being in that situation so I opted out.  Next time, I will be ready!  Sometimes, being strong – is knowing when you cannot handle a situation.

This is really big for me.  It’s bigger than losing the weight because now I know that I’m mentally prepared to be  in it for the long haul (and it will be loooonnnnggg).



What strategies do you use to overcome your personal excuses?

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  1. Oh, sometimes it is so tough to be honest with ourselves. Giving up illusions, setting aside denial, and being willing to face the truth — never easy. But when I have been able to really examine the heart of an issue, it’s amazing how much clarity I have been able to gain. Being willing to accept the reality of whatever the situation is — that’s one important step.
    Betsy recently posted…Feeling Overwhelmed?My Profile

    • You are so right, it’s not easy. It’s also not easy when someone else gives you the reality. It’s not fun and it sticks with you forever.

      Trust me, I know what I am talking about.

      Also, the truthfulness comes in steps I think. Little by little, it’s revealed. Once it hits though, I think you are more motivated.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Children’s Literature Review – Good Morning, World!My Profile

  2. Thanks so much for linking up with Small Victories Sunday! These are great and your honest reason is similar to mine. Though I have a medical condition that if i don’t keep moving, I lost more joint mobility. And if I gain weight, I physically hurt more. They certainly are motivators to keep moving. To help me stay motivated, I take one decision at a time. Especially at snack time, I tell myself to make a healthy choice and it helps. I still need to get back to exercising consistently.
    Tanya recently posted…Small Victories Sunday Linky {16} – The One While the Mice Are Away, Mommy Cooks and Cleans!My Profile

    • One decision at a time is very good! You can’t think ahead of where you are at. I think it’s good to have goals, and then some methods for getting you there.

      If I stop exercising, I stiffen up like a board. All the muscles in my body hurt in a bad way. I gotta keep moving!

      Thanks so much (as always) for stopping in!
      Lisa recently posted…Children’s Literature Review – Good Morning, World!My Profile

  3. Wow – great post as I sit here reading while eating Cheetos. I love your line: I have become good at being stronger than my excuses. I’m going to make that my new goal. I do have one suggestion: do your workouts include anything you find fun. I take a Zumba and turbo kick class. I alternate with TRX and a class called body vive. I hate all things – forearm planks, burpees, lunges, side planks (yucky), and the dreaded full body push-ups We do most of those in both TRX and body vive and it is the longest hour of my week. I missed a week when I didn’t feel good (excuses) and seriously thought about quitting. I do feel so much better after the class is over. Last week even my instructor said I was getting stronger – which is incentive to keep going.
    Savvy Working Gal recently posted…Fired for Making a Flip CommentMy Profile

    • Hey!

      Zumba is a lot of fun! I do all of my working out at home. I have learned to love burpees, planks, etc – because they are helping me to get to my goal. they are definitely difficult and something I couldn’t do when starting. I had to work into them. I started using the modifications and over the last 6 weeks, have developed the strength. I look and feel better in my own skin. I’m more confident. I now look forward to them. I push myself to do more, hold long, etc. Over the last month, I have noticed my strength become greater. It’s so mental. But if I hated it – I wouldn’t stick with it, you know?

      I do miss Zumba a lot.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Children’s Literature Review – Good Morning, World!My Profile

  4. Your posts always inspire me..I post about decor and crafty stuff and .. so this is a good balance.. all of us need to indulge once in a while!. I found this great APP called loose it and it free.. you record everything you eat and the excercise to.. since I have been doing it. I have lost weight and i eat what I want.. Its kind of organizing your food and it helps
    Take care
    Simple Nature Decor recently posted…GOLDEN TOUCH:WEDDINGMy Profile

    • Yes, you are right. I think writing it down helps you organize your food and force you to think about it. I remember from my Weight Watcher days. I lost so much more weight when I wrote down and organized.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Homeschool Link-up Week 31My Profile

  5. Lisa, I am so enjoying reading about this transformation in you. You are so so right about losing weight and being healthy being 100% mental! It sometimes can feel like being disciplined can be so lonesome. My husband sounds a bit like your husband when it comes to me trying to live a healthier lifestyle too. I’m trying to really stay on track now so that we are doing it so much that no one in my house craves things we shouldn’t eat. I think sweets in moderation are ok for sure, but I would prefer to make my own recipes that use natural sugars without all of the chemicals that you get in pre-made foods. It can be a lot, but I’m learning new recipes, one recipe at a time. That has been going pretty well actually. There are some boards I have on Pinterest that have been helping me organize it all 🙂 But it is a journey. I know it may not sound like much coming from me, but I am sooo proud of you! You go girl!
    Brittnei recently posted…When should I go back to blogging?My Profile

  6. I think the hardest person to be truthful to most of the time is yourself. I commend you on your strength (and truthfulness!) to push yourself to become healthier. I am the queen at finding excuses not to exercise or to eat something unhealthy. Now that I have become to a mom to a little girl, though, I think it is especially to set a good example to her. I think (hope) this will be the motivation I need to push me. Thanks for sharing, stopping by form the Monday Mommy Blog Hop.
    Bev recently posted…Hiding a piece of myselfMy Profile

    • The excuses can get in our way, can’t they? I’m too tired, I ‘m too sore, I’m to busy? Excuses are not helpful.

      Every morning I can think of a million of them. Then, I turn them off, shut them down and just go do it and get it over with. I hate thinking about things all day, you know? It takes up too much time and energy.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Homeschool Link-up Week 31My Profile

  7. I haven’t overcome my excuses since I had my daughter. I am still nursing her and clinging to a diminishing milk supply- I have read that cutting calories and such can impact the production, so my excuse is that.. lol. I do try to make sure we are active a bit each day just to keep the muscles moving. But it is not enough. I appreciate reading about your dedication though!

    • Maybe that’s true. I haven’t had any problems with mine, but my son has chosen to start weaning himself (started about 6 months ago). But when he comes back, he’s good. I think you really have to eat for breastfeeding.

      YOu will do it when you are ready.
      Lisa recently posted…Homeschool Link-up Week 31My Profile

  8. all great reasons and I totally agree. 27 pounds WOOOHOOO. I lost 18 and have 22 more to go then I’llbe happy. If I lose more that’s great, but I just want to be healthy and happy, I want to be able to run with Dino, play, and go where he goes without being out of shape.

    Making healthy life choices isn’t temporary, it’s forever….you rock!
    karen recently posted…Our Meal Plan April 12th – 18thMy Profile

  9. I love your attitude. I’m trying to get myself into the zone you’re in. I’m doing okay but I’m not completely there. I’m pinning this for inspiration when I need it – thank you for sharing!
    Jen recently posted…Tuesday 10 – 10 Best ActorsMy Profile


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