The Perfect Pre-Workout Meal

Before I start this post, let me just say that I’m a little crazy.  I eat for two things.  One to live.  You need food to live.  Second is for my goals.

I will rarely say something like, “I feel like eating this, so I’m eating it.”  I work hard in the gym and for my goals, and what I put in my mouth is 90% of me obtaining those goals. 

I want to get stronger.  I want to be leaner.  I am aiming for a body fat percentage of 20% or just below.  It’s more than obtainable for me, and still within a healthy body fat range.  I’m not going to lose my period.  I’m not going to be super skinny and sick.  I want to be lean and strong and that’s what I’m going for.

I’m lifting heavy weights, and that requires food.  I need to eat.  Over the last 3-4 months of my reverse diet, I have tried many combos pre- and post-workout to maximize energy during the workout, maximize my gains during the workout and maximizes my recovery so that I can go to the gym the next day and get it done.

After four months, I have found the perfect combo of pre-workout nutrition (it only took me four months), and I got sooo excited, that I wanted to share it with you!


Doesn’t it look fantastic?  It’s an orange and 1-serving of rolled oats in 0.5 cups of skim milk.


This is what I ate, 1.5 hours before I did an upper body strength workout – heavy weights, low reps, with jump rope intervals.

What makes it great?

I got quick energy and long-lasting energy all at the same time.

This is my procedure.

  1. 1.5 hours before a weight workout – I eat my pre-workout meal.
  2. 45-minutes later (30-minutes prior to my workout), I drink my pre-workout drink (contains beta-alanine, and other energy components, and 2g creatine).  I add 5g more of creatine to this drink.

It’s simple. 

The orange and skim milk provides the simple sugars.  It’s nothing for the body to break them down and provide energy for the muscles.  It’s the simple sugars that the muscles will use immediately for energy.  The rolled oats provide lasting energy.  The rolled oats are slower digesting, so it takes the body longer to break them down.  They kick in to the later parts of the workout.

I got the energy I needed without the heavy feeling/energy let-down that I get from eating sweet potato or chicken breast.  I wasn’t feeling heavy – which made all the difference for me.  The workout went super fast.  I had energy from the beginning to the end – and I wasn’t hungry.  I went to the store to get some kale, carrots and skim milk, drove home, took a shower, and I still wasn’t hungry.  I ate my post-workout meal, more because I had to, than because I wanted to.

It really was the perfect combo of things.



What foods work for you pre-workout?  What do you like to eat pre-workout?

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