Is Pest Control Safe for Babies?

Pests are definitely not safe for the babies as they are an easy target. Parents are conscious about saving their babies from ants, mosquitoes, rats, termites and flies. They are often looking for baby safe pesticides. Pesticides are clearly chemicals. Babies are more at risk of pesticides than adults. They have a developing immune system. Their senses are so sensitive to get allergies and diseases easily. Babies are also crawling around the house so they are more exposed to pests and pesticides. Therefore, the need for Responsible Pest Control and the fact that if it is safe to use pesticides in a house where there are babies.


Babies are at risk

They are not only moving around rather they also pick everything. They can come in contact with contaminated objects and later they put their hands in mouth. Babies are keen to taste and put everything in their mouth. Hence, using pesticides in a home of babies is a serious issue. Child safety is the foremost priority but you also cannot neglect your pests.
Is it safe?

Chemical based pesticides are not at all safe for babies. They kill bugs but it’s also in the area of babies. The only way to prevent any harm to babies due to pesticides is to limit it.

Pesticides are present in the air, water, bug sprays, floor cleaning products, lawn, garden products, and pet products. The exposure to them can cause breathing problems, belly aches, vomiting, diarrhea, and bleeding problems among babies.
Call for help

You should immediately call the rescue or poison control center to handle if mistakenly a baby is exposed to pesticides.
Care for food

Foods especially natural foods are sprayed with pesticides for a longer shelf life. Always feed your baby organic food that is free for pesticides. Give only fresh vegetables and fruits that are properly washed and scrubbed under water. Peel the outer layer of the fruits for safer intake.
Bug proof lawn and yard

Place sticky traps, mouse trap and repellents at such places. Make sure the pests repellents are away from the access of children. They should not get them. Use safe and approved repellents for babies on their skin.
Take babies away

Always take the babies out of the house if you are having house sprayed. If it is not possible for you to take your baby away then keep them in a room that is close. Also, keep the dishes and utensils away or covered, before spraying. Close all the windows, doors and turn off the air conditioner.
Pay attention to pesticides

Pesticides have the instructions and precautions written over it. Pay attention to the written material.  They have printed warnings. If this is not safe, use some other technique. If you are taking services of a pest control company, tell them about your baby and minimize the risks to baby’s health.
Cleaning routine

Make a routine of cleaning your house, floor, kitchen, stove, sinks, table and dishwasher to prevent bugs from coming home.
Do you treat your home for pests? How do you keep your baby safe?

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