Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood: An Interactive Musical App for your Homeschool


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Peter and the Wolf Musical app for your homeschool


I was just telling a friend, I have a Masters of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology.  The math and science – easy.

The fine arts – are weak in our homeschool.  I can go on all day on how chemicals are propagated along a nerve, or how a signal goes from the cell surface to the nucleus, but music?  I know very little about music, art or how to integrate it into our homeschool.

I knew I didn’t want the kids to study composer/artist after composer/artist.  Boring.  I want them to love to appreciate the fine arts, not make them so bored that they dread it.

When I got the opportunity to review this interactive app, set to classical music played by one of the best child orchestras in the world – I jumped.  Finally, a fun way to incorporate music with little effort on my part!


Take a look at this fun and interactive experience.


Peter and The Wolf in Hollywood – Features

Interactive Storybook

This great story is narrated by famed artist, Alice Cooper.  Set to high class music and animation, it’s a must see app.


In App Games

The games are right within the story.  They enhance the story and engage the student.



We listened to approximately 50 minutes of music from the masters including; Puccini, Prokofiev, Wagner, Schumann, Mahler, Smetana, Elgar, Mussorgsky, Grief, Dukas, Satie, and Zemlinsky – all played by the acclaimed National Youth Orchestra of Germany.

When you find a piece of interest, you can go into the musical section and learn more about it.


Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood, musical instruction for your homeschooler


One piece that we loved and learned more about.

La Boheme | Quando m’en vo
This is an Opera I would be interested in seeing.  If I could find it in a format that the kids would enjoy, I would love to bring them.

I also love how they break down each character and review the instruments that represent the character.


Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood – Favorite Parts

  • Music – Even the baby loves to just listen.  I go into the musical section and just play different pieces for her, and she loves it!
  • Animation – The animation is top notch.  They spent a lot of time – more than 18 months painstakingly creating the details, and you can tell.  WOW.
  • This app is great for any age.  The app says it’s for 4-8-year-olds, but all of my kids enjoy it from 12 months to 12 years!


Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood: Easily Integrated into your Homeschool

Help your children navigate this app and learn.  Go to the website and download the Study Guide for free.  It will give you ideas for critical thinking, discussion and creative elements that you can use with your kids.

Download Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

Peter and the Wolf Deluxe for iPad and Peter and the Wolf music app for iPhone can be downloaded right from the App Store.



How do you integrate the fine arts in your homeschool?


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  1. That sounds wonderful! I minored in fine arts in college so I have no problem with art but music is definitely a downfall for me!
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