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Creating Awesome Images with Picmonkey

Creating Awesome, sharable images @PicMonkeyApp @RebeccFlansburg #pinnableimages #pictures #blogging


Title:  Creating Awesome and Sharable Images with Picmonkey

Author:  Rebecca Flansburg

Year of Publication: 2013

Creating Awesome and Shareable Images with Picmonkey is a thorough comprehensive guide for creating better images for your blog.  Personally, I never took the time to explore Picmonkey – and I have been using it a little over a year.  The guide really helped me to see how things work, and allowed me to implement changes easier.  Using the guide, it wasn’t a time-consuming task.    The tutorials are clear and concise.  Have you ever tried to use a guide, duplicate the steps, and not obtain acceptable results?  I have.  But this guide is different.  It’s easy to follow and you get great results.

I have been using the guide for about 2 weeks, and I have improved!  Here are some images that I created.


Creating Awesome and Sharable images w/ @picmonkeyapp via @Rebeccflansburg #tutorials #images


My images were much improved within a short amount of time.  As we know, the better the pictures, the more they are clicked on and shared!

I have a very small window of time.  With me being a homeschool Mom, anything extra is a lot.  This guide is 20 pages of great pictures!  It is a really great resource for bloggers who want to enhance and improve their graphics/images.


Eliminate Overwhelm and Stay Organized with Trello

eliminate overwhelm with Trello #organization #schedules #blogging #online #free


Title:  Eliminate Overwhelm and Stay Organized with Trello

Author:  Rebecca Flansburg

Year of Publication: 2013

Have you heard of Trello?  I hadn’t.  Eliminate Overwhelm and Stay organized with Trello is valuable.  Anyone that knows me, knows I need to put an organization system in place.  I am terrible.  I need to keep track of deadlines, I need constant reminders, and  I need a system that will track all the steps in multiple projects.  When a review comes in, I need to be able to map it out – what activities need to be completed, when the review needs to be written, when the box arrives, etc.   Trello does all this and more! I must say that this ebook – very timely!  I love this program because it’s free, it’s powerful, and has all the components necessary for me and my blog.  It’s adaptable for a single blogger like me – to a group of bloggers or small company.

Rebecca lays it out clearly!  She explains concisely what you need to do for sign-up.  I love how she takes everything step by step.  You  learn the program right along with the book.  It’s only 20 pages that are filled with pictures.  It doesn’t take a long time.  There is not a lot of reading.  I think it’s a great tool for bloggers – and did I mention it’s free?

I have signed up and am using this very powerful tool.  With the guide, it only took an hour to set up and get going.


The Blogging Essentials Giveaway

Rebecca Flansburg of Franticmommy has very generously donated a copy of both books for The Blogging Essentials Giveaway, Running April 13-23.  In addition to the 2 wonderful blogging ebooks, we are offering 1 year subscription to Picmonkey, 1 year subscription to Inlinkz, 1 year of ad swaps from Passionfruit Ads, a 1-hour blog consultation with Amazing Success Academy, and a choice between a blog design, resdesign, SEO work-up or Graphic Overhaul from Amber Galore Designs.  Together, this package is worth over $400.00 and is open worldwide.


About Rebecca Flansburg, owner of…



me55 Becky Flansburg is author and co-creator of FREElance FREEdom and owner of LAMS Communications. Becky is a blogger, writer, virtual assistant, and social media junkie. The main goal of Mom Squad Marketing is to shine the spotlight on local moms/women in business and provide info, tips, and ideas to make women entrepreneur’s lives EASIER. You can find Rebecca Online at FranticMommy  Or on Twitter.


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  1. I LOVE PicMonkey. I try to learn one new thing each time I use it – even if I don’t actually keep the new technique learned. I bet Becky’s book is fab – just like she is. I have never heard of Trello – thanks for the great article. I hope you all are having a great weekend.
    Christine M. (Cool Mom) recently posted…Best Day Ever – Rick RiordanMy Profile

  2. I love PicMonkey!!! Actually, I think that’s why it takes me so long to post because I’m always trying to ‘perfect’ an image via PicMonkey. I’m always recommending PicMonkey to friends, I would love to see what extra tips Becky shares.
    I’m going to look into Trello now, I need all the help with organization I can get!
    I’m pinning this post for sure– thanks!

  3. Trello? I like to be organized. I know how to be organized. I’m just not very good at it when I have to split my attention between kids and housekeeping and blogging. If its got tips on how to regain my ground, then I’m up for it!

    • I think that’s just one of those things you will have to figure out on your own, Felicia. For me, that’s also the challenge. What I have come up with: get up earlier and stay up later.

      Maybe it’s not such a great solution, but that’s the only option I can come up with. I hope you are having a wonderful start to your weekend!
      Lisa recently posted…Choosing the Best Giveaway for your BlogMy Profile

  4. This is a really helpful post! I have heard of Picmonkey, but your words here have made me curious to go and actually try it. Thanks!!

  5. This is an awesome giveaway!
    Veronica recently posted…Follow Me On Behance.netMy Profile

  6. I love PicMonkey! I use it for my recipe posts!
    Jhanis recently posted…The Blogging Essentials GiveawayMy Profile

  7. I need Trello!! Organization, or rather, using it to keep track of things, is not my strong suit, and I end up forgetting things or procrastinating till the last moment. Sounds really useful!

  8. I love PicMonkey and am wanting to use trelllo. Heading to get the ebook for that one now. 🙂

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE PicMonkey! As a newbie, it has led to my survival!!
    Jenn F recently posted…Let’s Eat!My Profile

  10. I have just reinvented my blog and am playing with PicMonkey. It’s been awhile since I played with it. It was always a great to play with my photos and see how I could turn them into something unique. I will say that I’ve only ever used the free portion and never the paid so THAT would be great to play with!

    Also, Trello looks awesome. I have so much stuff going on right now that I could definitely use a program like that to help keep myself sorted out!

  11. Kimberly A. Vogel

    I use picmonkey but haven’t heard of trello! Can’t wait to learn more!

  12. I will have to check out these programs. I have a couple of picture editors on my computer, but I have heard that Picmonkey has a ton of features. That would really help with editing pictures and making graphics for my blog. The features of Trello sound like it would really help my organization (or lack thereof) of doing my blog posts, social network posts and once I start doing product reviews, really help with deadlines. Thanks for the info.
    David Smith recently posted…Kindle Fire HDX Giveaway #giveawayMy Profile

    • Picmonkey is fabulous and it’s so much less work than using photoshop or corel draw – which are both extremely expensive programs. They have a free component. It doesn’t allow you to do everything, but it gives you an idea of the program. At $33 a year, I think it’s very affordable – and you get a ton. You can make very professional images – pretty easily.

      Trello is a God send. Oh my gosh!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and entering the giveaway!
      Lisa recently posted…Choosing the Best Giveaway for your BlogMy Profile

  13. I’ve seen loads of images that people have on their blogs who use Pic Monkey and I LOVE how you did your photo collage about the giveaway! I’m going to have to take a look at that!
    Bonnie a.k.a. LadyBlogger recently posted…Family Celebrations: The Good, The Bad, and The UglyMy Profile

  14. I have recently discovered picmonkey, but trello is a brand new word for me. I am TERRIBLE with keeping my deadlines and projects organized though and could really use something to help me organize my reviews and best utilize the products I’m reviewing. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I love picmonkey! I would love to learn more about using it properly to enhance my images and direct traffic to my blog!
    Faith Konrath recently posted…Mommy Moments #91My Profile

  16. I <3 PicMonkey!!! I have often debated spending the $$ to upgrade it but haven't….yet.
    Jess Benoit recently posted…Weekly Wrap-upMy Profile

  17. Pic Monkey would definitely help enhance my images and make it easier or more likely to be shared. I love the free version and can only image how much more awesome the membership version would be like! thanks!

  18. Thanks for this information. I can definitely use all the help I can get with my images.

  19. I think Trello would be a great resource to help keep me on task and focused on my short and long term blog goals. Great giveaway! Thank you!
    Erin recently posted…Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon: 2014 Clean Eating Challenge, Post 2 of 4My Profile

  20. I am just getting back into blogging after a very long haitus. I think both of these things would be super helpful. I’ve heard of PicMonkey before, but not Trello.
    Sherry Conrad recently posted…St. Jude WarriorMy Profile

  21. What an amazing prize package! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday!
    Tina at Mommynificent recently posted…Booknificent Thursday Link Up Party #41My Profile


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