Prevent Hot/Cold Car Deaths: Help Save a Child’s Life


eClip helps save children's lives #family


Since 1998 (when the statistic was followed) – 700 children have died in hot/cold car related accidents.  Parents, grandparents and caregivers accidentally leave their children in hot/cold cars.

That was always one of my greatest fears.  The other one was leaving an infant car seat behind the car and backing over it.

The revolutionary eClip helps prevent these tragic and unnecessary deaths. 


eClip helps save lives and is easy to use #Family


Setting up the eClip is effortless.  Fashion it to a diaper bag, the car seat, or a seat belt.  The eClip attaches securely so that your child cannot remove it or turn it off.  There are no small parts so no worries about it being a choking hazard.

It’s simple to operate.  Simply attach the eClip, connect your eClip to the eClip app on the phone and you will receive alerts if the baby is left in the car. 

The app will also gage temperature and will warn you if it’s too hot or too cold.


How does the eclip work? #family


Nobody wants to think about this.  It’s not fun to think about.  But here is a low-cost solution that can put an end to tragic occurrences that are happening all too frequently.

Please share this post with friends or family members.  The eClip makes excellent baby shower gifts!


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