Princess Cupcake Jones and the Dance Recital


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Princess cupcake Jones and the dance recital #MCKLD #readyourworld #diversity

Princess Cupcake Jones and the Dance Recital

Author: Ylleya Fields

Illustrator:  Miachael LaDuca

Publisher: Belle Publishing

Publication Date: 2016


Princess Cupcake Loves many things.  She loves to learn, to paint, and to sing.  But dancing is her passion.  She worked really hard, practicing all of her moves and doing all of her homework, but she still struggles to do every dance move just right.  She practices and struggles but her arabesque is a complete disaster.  The week before her dance recital, she learns that if she tries her best, everyone will be so impressed.

So she does her best to practice everywhere she can – at school, at home – practicing until her feet were sore.

She learns a great lesson, that will practice comes confidence.  If you believe you can, you will do it!

Written in rhyme, It’s important for children of color to see positive characters that look like them.  It’s important for them to see characters with hair like them.

It’s important.

Princess cupcake jones and the Dance Recital #diversity #ReadYourWorld

It also is important for all children to see characters of color painted in a positive light – that attend ballet class, whose parents are not amidst homelessness, joblessness, misery, single parentage and divorce.  It’s important to see that children of color take ballet classes, gymnastic classes, and art classes and that they are not running out of the ghetto among random gun fire, drugs and hoodlums.  In truth, it’s not realistic for most.  Drugs, ghettos and hoodlums are not part of our reality, it wasn’t part of my reality growing up and it’s not part of the reality of any of my/our friends or acquaintances.

I really appreciated the more realistic view.

This fabulous racial-positive story is great for children ages 5-7.


Princess Cupcake Games and Activities

The Princess Cupcake Jones website is a lot of fun!  Check out all the games, mazes, coloring pages and more.

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About Ylleya Fields

Cupcake Jones and the Dance Recital Ylleya Fields has three daughters and a son. While looking for books to read to her eldest daughter (when she was 2), Ylleya was struck by the limited number of titles featuring African-American characters. Blending both of her daughter’s images and personalities together, Cupcake Jones was created.

Born in South America, Ylleya currently resides with her family in Cleveland, Ohio.  She enjoys writing and is currently working on new Princess Cupcake Jones stories.


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