RejuvenAir Bamboo Charcoal for Fresher Air!

I received a sample of RejuvenAir Bamboo Charcoal for the purpose of this review.  The opinions expressed herein are 100% my own.  This post may contain affiliate links.




I don’t like air fresheners.  They stink.  They place chemicals in the air.  I work hard to eat right so that I don’t activate my allergies, and I don’t want to cause my kids problems down the line.

Plus, the smell gives me a headache.

So how do you freshen the air around you, without all the mess?

Have you heard of RejuvenAir?  RejuvenAir is an all natural Eco-friendly air purifier made of 100% MOSO BAMBOO CHARCOAL.  Bambo charcoal has a negative ionic, which attract odors and excess moisture in the atmosphere.  Due to the growth characteristics of moso bamboo, millions of tiny holes are created as the plant densifies and matures.  It’s these tiny holes that active as a deodorizer and dehumidifier.

How to use RejuvenAir Bamboo Charcoal?

Use in your home or office to eliminate odors, absorb humidity and reduce harmful chemicals.

Works wonderfully to eliminate unwanted pet odors from your home or car.  Just hang the purifier bag behind the car seat headrest, or place it almost anywhere!




Naturally absorbs moister and foot odor and traps bacteria in shoes to keep them fresh and clean

Perfect for removing odors and moisture from gym bags, luggage, purses or backpacks!
They are so easy to take care of and use!  You can reuse for up to 2 years!  Just rejuvenate in sunlight once each month and the UV rays will release the pollutants from the pores in the charcoal making it ready to absorb contaminants again.

RejuvenAir Activate Charcoal is Sustainable

RejuvenAir bags start from the earth and go back into it; they never stop giving.  After 2-years, just cut open the bag and sprinkle the charcoal into the soil in your garden.  It aids the plants in absorbing moisture and nutrients!

Okay, I’m Ready!  Where do I purchase RejuvenAir?

It’s so easy!  You can purchase a set with 5-purifier bags (2 large, 1 medium and 2 small) on AMAZON or on the Sensible Needs WEBSITE!


How would you use your new set of bags?

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