The Secrets to Losing Weight Post-Knee Surgery

Last March I had arthroscopic surgery to repair a meniscus tear.  Prior to that, I was exercising vigorously, doing plyometrics, cardio, weights – and enjoying a steady decline on the scale.

My main goal was to lose 160 lbs.  Of course I was worried about weeks of inactivity.  I think the surgeon was worried about weeks of inactivity, and whether I would mess up all of his work and thwart my recovery.


What did I do to keep going forward towards my goal and avoid setbacks with my knee and on the scale?  I didn’t want to go in the opposite direction.  I wanted to get my body back from fat to fit in no time, and to do that, I had to keep moving in the right direction.

Change in diet

Plan ahead.

The first thing I did was research diet changes.  What foods or lifestyles would promote healing?  Which lifestyle would lessen inflammation?

Anticipating the surgery, I started on living the ketogenic lifestyle.  Why months before?  It takes several weeks to adapt, and I didn’t want to be adapting while trying to recover.

I changed to a low carb, high fat lifestyle and it was the right thing to do.

Before the surgery, I reconfigured my macros (or how much of each micronutrient I was eating) to account for the decrease in physical activity.

Curing an ailment takes several turns, and the last one is surgery. When you have a condition which can only be cured by surgery, then it will keep your fitness exercise aside. However, after the surgery of Post-knee, it is indeed difficult to work out because almost all workout is involved your legs and they have to be functional. Unfortunately, most of the best cardio equipment like Treadmill, Spin bike, Weight bench are powerful workout machines. Which means they are not suitable for someone who has surgery on his knee.

If you workout on any modern machine then your feet and knee would be in pain for weeks, and you will be unable to walk. So we are going to show you a way, where you can  It would consume a lot of time, and your patience will be tested again and again. We are straight forward, and if you are not patience, then the Recumbent Bike will not work for you.

Physical Therapy

I started with a good physical therapist the week after surgery.  Of course they took all the measurements and we started slow.  But over the next month or month and a half, I was making constant gains.  I felt positive about my recovery.  The Piece of equipment where I obtained the most gains was the recumbent bike.  At the time I wasn’t a member of the gym and didn’t have one at home. 

I wish I did have one at home.

A recumbent bike is the single piece of equipment I benefited from most.  If you are on schedule for a knee surgery and want to make a speedy recovery, here are some ideas on how to chose recumbent bikes.

Keep moving

While I couldn’t do pylometrics and cardio, there was nothing wrong with my upper body and abs.  There is a lost that can be done that doesn’t involve the knee/legs.

I switched my focus and made new goals for building stronger shoulders and a monster core!  I did chest,  shoulder, back, forearm and core movements.  I built training routines involving those muscles using weights, TRX, and body weight.  I did a lot of chest presses, lateral raises, lower back exercises, hip strengthening moves and more.

It keeps the cobwebs off, and helped to make me feel better and more in control.



Have you tried to stay in shape post-knee surgery? What did you do to stay in shape?  Share in the comments section.


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  1. Hi, Lisa!
    I have finally decided to write to you after reading this article! I am currently studying the PhD Physical Therapy program as well as write on my own blog (although just started hehe). I also have a bachelors degree in Kinesiology and I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Your writing is really inspiring! Just checked in to tell you. Finally stepped out of the shadows of just being an anonymous reader!

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