I Want to be a Mommy – Some Benefits of Attachment

Attachment Parenting is one of those trigger words.  Typically, people feel strongly one way or the other.

Personally, I can see a whole lot of the advantages and also some of the drawbacks.

So, I’m not going to use that trigger word.  I’m going to use the word Attachment!  Haha!

My daughter is so cute!  When I carry Gray in my  Mei Tai, she would tie one of those exercise bands around her waist and shoulders and carry her dollies in it.  I suggested that she ask Santa for a sling.

Luckily he obliged!  So now, when I carry Gray in my Mei Tai, or Ring Sling

Kozy Mei Tai

Ava carries her dolls in her Kiddie Kozy

My daugher sporting her kiddie kozy Slide3

I’m not sure about the doll, but Gray just loves to snuggle up in his sling.  He goes into, what I call, a sling coma.  He’s so nice and relaxed being close to mama – but the minute I take him out – instantly awake.

Eyes wide open.

They do feel comfort being bound so tightly!  I hope the doll feels the same way.

It’s funny because one day, Ava looked up at me and said…

  I wanna be a Mama.

What?  She then said…

    I don’t want to be a Dentist, or a Teacher, or a Doctor.  I want to be a Mommy.

They really do look to you as a role model, don’t they?

I really do hope that she learns that this is the normal way to carry her babies – to bring them closer to her.  Even though she doesn’t know the words, I am hoping that she is beginning to learn the beauties of Attachment – and the benefits of bringing her children and loved ones closer to her.

In a country where it’s the norm to push your kids away – what do you do to bring your babies/kids closer to you?

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  1. I really enjoyed the points you raised in this post (as well as seeing pics of your adorable children) and reflected that the hubster and I used our carrier more when Little Missy was a newborn than we do now. This is partly because I’m a weakling and LM feels heavy after a short time but when she was a newborn, the sling did have an instant calming effect and I loved having her so close. And as for Ava, what a simply delightful thing to announce and what a fabulous role model you are x

    • Hey Mo]o,

      Nice to see you again! You know, you don’t necessarily have to carry your baby/child in a sling to be close to them. Right now, that’s one way I do it with Gray, but certainly there are other ways. Maybe holding them for an extended time might be one, or kissing them, or telling them how much you appreciate them. Or apologizing to them when you make a mistake (I do that a lot, a lot, a lot). Or sitting down and playing barbies when you don’t want to . There are so many ways… The sling is just one convenient way for me – cause Gray wants to be held all the time and I need to get things done. Haha!

      Also, another way – doing projects with them (I.E. Mama Smiles). This isn’t the way for me, cause I hate doing art projects, but just a thought.

      If you want to consider the sling again, you might want to try one that distributes the weight more evenly across your body. Not sure what you have, but I found the Mei Tai to be incredible in that regard. Although I feel the ring sling is very comfortable, it’s harder being that’s it’s just one shoulder bearing much of the weight. Just a thought. But I know what you mean, as they get bigger and more squiggly.

  2. I love your use of the term attachment to avoid knee jerk reactions. I’m a huge fan of babywearing, and making sure they are always nearby as they grow older (although I do send them to school, I would consider homeschooling if DH were remotely on board with that idea).

    • Homeschooling is one – but I think you need to homeschool for other reasons too. Homeschool is – well – they never ever leave you. Hahaha~ But, it is wonderful. It really is.

      Everytime I visit your blog, I think you are a homeschooler. Honestly, I was so surprised by your comment. You are always doing such interesting and fun things with your kids. That’s one way of building confidence and attachment. I was just thinking yesterday – Man, when I grow up, I wanna be like Mama Smiles.

  3. I loved wearing my little guy! Haven’t done it in awhile since he learned to walk and wants to explore the world. But is was nice having him close by. And watching him sleep to peacefully while in it. even managed to nurse him a couple times while wearing him and no one was the wiser of what was going on. Aggghhh…..those days are gone.

    • You are lucky with the nursing, I really wish I could do that – but my anatomy….


      Thanks so much for stopping by Amber!

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