Solar Powered Grasshoppers Teach Us About Energy

Unschooling Momma recommended that we buy these solar powered grasshoppers in her blog a few months ago.  They were on sale for almost nothing on Amazon at the time.  I jumped on it!  What a great opportunity for teaching my kids about solar energy and start a fun discussion on the importance of conserving energy.

New grasshoppers

They took almost forever to come – and then it’s been raining and cloudy every single day since – so today was the first time we could break them open and use them.

Actually, the sun was so strong, that they began vibrating in the package when I walked outside!

The kids had a lot of fun playing with them – doing little experiments!  Take a look at some of the fun things we found out about solar energy.

Look at what happens when we blocked the sunlight with a shadow or our hands!

Self discovery is a wonderful thing!

Don’t do the poop experiment though!


I want to take a more detailed look on how these things work. Holding the Grasshopper


PBS has an excellent interactive tool teaching us how solar panels convert our sun’s energy into energy we can use in our daily lives.


How Can Solar Power Help Us

We are incredibly dependent upon the finite materials, oil in coal,  to produce the electricity we need in our homes, in our businesses, to drive our cars – to do everything.  The fossil fuels add to greenhouse gas build up in our environment.

Sunlight, however, is infinite.  Sunlight gives us more than 2,500 times our energy requirements in the United States (Solar Power Helps The Environment).  Solar power – no matter how you harness the energy, reduces the need for fossil fuels – reducing the amount of greenhouse gases.

Solar is expensive for residents and businesses, so we have a long way to go.

What do you think about solar power?  Do you know anyone in your neighborhood that harnesses the power of solar energy?

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  1. What a cool little science experiment for kids!
    maryanne recently posted…Teaching Kids to Tell TimeMy Profile

  2. Really cool Lisa. And a great way to teach children that the sun = free energy.
    Mauro recently posted…The Three Pillars of SustainabilityMy Profile

  3. Oh wow…my kids would love these. My son was asking for a solar windmill the other day. I’ll have to check these out on amazon. I love play & learn type toys.
    Tati recently posted…I Am Who I AmMy Profile

  4. A great way of introducing to our children on how to conserve energy. At this point in time, many kids don’t play outside and they prefer on playing their gadgets. That they don’t know it consumes a big amount of energy each time they use it. In this way we can let them know how precious energy is.
    DBM Solar recently posted…Google’s Project Sunroof is Mapping the Planet’s Solar PotentialMy Profile

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