Spread Holiday Cheer with Family Photo Cards!

Gone are the days when you had to load all the kids in the car and shuffle the family through the mall to reach a holiday picture booth for your holiday cards. With websites like Mixbook.com, you can simply upload your favorite photo (or photos) into one of the holiday photo card templates. With hundreds of styles to choose from, you can easily find the perfect layout to display your family’s beautiful holiday photos, and order them to be delivered right to your door.




Tips For Photographing Your Happy Baby

Do you find it hard to get your bouncy baby to stay still long enough to take a great holiday picture? Or is it that everyone finds it impossible to smile at the same time? Here are a few tips from the pros to help you set up the perfect photoshoot for your family, with smiles all around.

1. Set up a special space to take the picture

When you go to get your holiday pictures taken by a professional, you will notice that their entire studio is set up to facilitate a beautiful picture. Think about the type of props that your family would choose- do you like natural things, like trees and wintery scenes to fit the season? Maybe your family prefers a very traditional solid color background that makes your coordinating outfits pop. Whatever the case, set up your photoshoot with a background and props to help everyone get into the mood and strike a pose.

2.  Lighting is key!
No holiday picture will be perfect without the right amount of lighting. Professional photography studios use an intricate setup of overhead lighting, side lighting, and light-reflecting umbrellas to ensure their shots are gorgeous. When taking pictures at home, it’s easy to recreate a great studio- just bring in as much light as you can. Open the curtains, turn on the lamps, and make sure your cameras flash is on. This way, you can make sure there are no shadows obscuring your perfect set. If your family loves nature and wants to take pictures outside, just find a nice beam of sunlight and have fun smiling and making faces at the camera.To get the perfect shot, set up a tripod and program the camera of your phone to timer mode. Have it set with flash, and to take multiple pictures. The more pictures the better, so you have more to choose from! If you don’t have a tripod, a homemade version is simple. Just find a counter, shelf, tree stump or fencepost (think outside the box) and set your phone up on that.

3.  Say Cheese!
All that’s left to do once everyone is ready and the stage is set, is to smile! This might be easier said than done if you have a fussy baby in your arms. Tiny babies do best in photoshoots when they are asleep, just because they are much easier to work with! If your little one is up and needs distracting, try bringing a sweet or their favorite toy to the set. One great way to get everyone smiling fast is to make a happy baby giggle, so try playing their favorite game before you get started. Distract bored babies with things that make them happy and get ready to capture that sweet smile!


Does your family order holiday photo greeting cards every year?

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