Summer Fun with Camp Warner Bros.


Where there is a will, there is a way!  Summer isn’t ruined.  Our HOA closed our pool, so we got a kiddie pool with a fun sprinkler.  We can still have fun in the sun and in the water, without the crowds and risk.

With all the camps closed down, amid the pandemic, or maybe being open, but not wanting to send the kids, we are doing summer camp at home!  We have all kinds of fun activities planned, and with Camp Warner Brothers, summer will be memorable!

We received our kit, and are very excited to get started with some camp gear Tie-Dye fun!
We received an easy tie-dye kit, a few T-shirts, hats, towel – everything we need for summer fun!
We started camp today with tie-dying T-shirts and pants that we can wear throughout all of our time at camp!  We got creative with some very cute designs and colors.
We made spirals and strips, but we can’t show you the finished product until next week.  It has to soak for 6-8 hours, and then we have to wash and dry!

Grayson wants to be camp director, but I will be leading all activities of the camp!  I am so excited as we will watch some great movies, both animated and not, and doing some fun activities.
I do realize that things are different this year.  But, I think we can all grow, learn, develop and have fun!  These are the ideals I am trying to impart into my children as we don’t have control over everything that happens in life. Our ability to thrive and be function relies on our ability to adapt.

And adapt is what we are doing this summer!

I look forward to all the fun we will be having over the next several weeks.
What “safe” fun are you planning on doing this summer?

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