Summer Is Not Over Yet! Try These 6-Simple Summer Activities

It seems only five minutes ago the kids left school for the summer and we had nothing but weeks and weeks of fun ahead! Now, it feels like time is running out and before we know it, the school run, strict schedules and homework will rein supreme once more. Whether you’re dreading the return of the school day or you’re counting down until the kids get their normal routines back – there’s still plenty of time to cram in a few more days of fun in the sun.

Read on for 6 simple summer activities that everyone will love.




Try a bit of gardening

The garden probably played a big role in your summer break! Whether it’s been scorched by the sun, flooded with water from the paddling pool, destroyed by flying footballs or is just looking tired from all those BBQs, guests and late night water fights, your garden deserves a little TLC. So, why not get the kids involved? You might want to start planning where your daffodils and tulips will go for next year, or maybe you’re thinking of introducing some new plants into your outdoor space – check out these stunning bamboo plants here – it’s the perfect excuse to get the kids in the garden and enjoying the sunshine. They could help you clear the summer garden debris, or even have a go at planting some last minute sunflowers!

Movie afternoon

For those inevitable rainy days, a movie afternoon is the ideal solution. Let the kids pick the movie – or a movie each if you fancy a movie marathon! Get cozy on the sofa and bring on the snacks! For an extra activity, get the kids to draw or write about their favorite scene afterwards.

Do something for the community

There’s always time to do something for your local community, but getting the kids involved makes their summer extra special. They could volunteer at a local charity shop or donate some of their old toys and clothes or why not do a litter pick in their local area or head to the beach and complete a beach clean!

Glow in the dark fun

Bedtimes a still a little flexible at this point in the holidays, so make the most of it! Enjoy a family night walk together, take torches, cover the kids with glow sticks and reflective gear and enjoy a walk in the twilight! If its still light enough – head to the park for some added fun.

Backyard obstacle course

This one is loads of fun for everyone! Create an obstacle course with anything you can find, from skipping ropes to hula hoops, cushions to jump over and balls and the paddling pool and create your own course through the garden. Create rosettes for all runners and let the winner choose a movie or a treat of their choice!

Head to the library

There will still be plenty of free activities available at your local library, not to mention plenty of books the kids can get stuck into before they head back to school.



What do you enjoy doing during the summer?

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