The Symbols of Christmas: Tips for Helping Children Appreciate the Deeper Meaning of Christmas

The Symbols of Christmas



Each year, more and more people are pushing to keep Christ in Christmas.  Have you noticed that?  Without Christ, there would be no Christmas.  Actually, I cannot even imagine how life would be.

The kids received a handout at Church on this – and I thought the ideas presented were great!

Let’s look at the big symbols of Christmas and see how we can view them in a Christ centered way.


Christmas Symbols


Christmas lights

Christmas lights and candles are reminders of the new star of long ago.



Star:  The new star that was promised when Christ was born.


red ornament

Red Ornament – The Blood that Christ shed for us.


Christmas Bells

Bells to call the lost sheep.


Men tied together with a bow

Bow representing men tied together with goodwill toward each other


candy cane

Candy Cane represents Shepherd’s crook.  Jesus is our Shepherd.



Wreath is eternal love.  Our God will always love us.


evergreen-18619 Evergreen – Through Christ, we will have everlasting life.


Can you think of a deeper meaning for any of the symbols of Christmas?


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  1. Very interesting. It is funny how we go about our traditions and doing even think about why! I love the evergreen and the candles/lights. Your photo is beautiful!
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