The 5 Traits you Must Possess to Get Off and Stay Off High Blood Pressure Medicine

How to get off high blood pressure medicine
From someone who has done it, it’s hard getting off high blood pressure medicine once you get on.  I was diagnosed in November 2012.  I remember the day.  I started with determination in February 2014 and just threw my medicine away a month ago.

Everybody’s body responds differently…it’s hard. In my experience, doctors don’t really believe that you can do it.  It’s  also hard because the way the medicine behaves, you have to wean off slowly – which is annoying.  You decrease by 100 mg every few months.  It takes FOREVER.  You have to break through these – almost impossible barriers, if your doctor doesn’t know what he/she is doing.

You can’t blame the – not many people do it, so how are they supposed to know?  They only know what the drug company tells them.  It’s scary thinking about someone’s blood pressure or pulse rebounding super high.  From their point of view, I can ALMOST see keeping someone on drugs that they might not need to prevent something that might or might not happen.

Despite all the obstacles, I am here to tell you that it’s possible.  I have been able to do it.

But to do it, you need to possess the following 5 traits.

Pig Headed

You heard it here first.  You have to go at it with complete 100% determination.  You have to tell your doctors and everyone else, not that you are trying to do it, but that you will do it.  Everything you do is done with the purpose of lowering your blood pressure.  Your life becomes extremely purposeful.  You have to keep telling them, “I want to get off the meds.  I want to get off the meds.”  

Keep telling them that it’s your life’s mission.  Return to the office when they ask you to.  Pay the co-pay, and then ask to lower the dose again.

Get a blood pressure monitor at home and take it twice a day while you are in the lowering phase.  Keep records and report in exactly when they say to report.  It’s very important.  Be military about it.

Drive it home at every single appointment.  Put a plan into place, and know exactly what you need to do to lower the dose.

When you make people roll their eyes at you, you have a great start.



A willingness to  change is key.  If you keep on doing the same things that led you to become hypertensive, you will get nowhere.  I don’t care what Dr. Oz says about pills and eating cauliflower every day.  If you don’t change the way you eat, you will fail.

So, you must decide.  Is a bunch of crappy food worth being sick for the rest of your life?  Which is more important?


Once you decide which is more important, change becomes easier.  Change that day.  No need to wait for Sunday or Monday.  Just change.



A belief in your mission and in living a better life is a must.

You have to know that you are sick, even if the medicine brings your blood pressure within normal limits.  You must understand that the pills just cover up what’s festering underneath.

You must have a belief that this is no way to live.

You must have a belief in yourself, your willingness to change, and that the change and the work will result in  better, more positive, and more productive life.

You have to believe that you deserve that kind of life – plain and simple.

If you don’t possess this “belief” then it just becomes too hard.  This belief must exist through all the challenges that you will face – and yes, you will face challenges.


Take Action

Any idea without action is nothing.  You have to be ready to take action, even when it’s scary.  Even when it’s unknown.  Even when people don’t support you.

It’s the belief that gets you through this.



You have to be unrelenting in your methods.  You must change the way you eat, not Monday-Thursday, but Monday through Sunday.  You must exercise every single day – even on Christmas, New Years Day, Valentines Day, your Birthday, Your kid’s birthdays, and on Sundays.  EVERYDAY.

No excuses, period.

If you believe that this will give you what you want, you will do it.  It’s hard at first, but you will get used to it, and then it will be hard to stop and take a rest day.  I’m not saying you have to spend the entire day in the gym either.  Purposeful eating and training will get you where you want to be in 30 short minutes.


If you don’t think it’s worth it, you are wrong.  When I was finally able to get rid of the pill bottle.  It felt excellent!


getting off high blood pressure medicine


If you need help and/or support getting off your high blood medicine, losing weight, and a better way to live.


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