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The kids have made great progress this year.  For my 6th grade son, the challenge is always Math.

We use Saxon math, which is a integral development method.  One of the advantages of Saxon, besides that it reviews past concepts each day, is that in the higher levels, we have the ability to go up 1/2 steps instead of full grade levels.  This allows Hadyn to have greater success, which builds confidence in his math skills.

Math has been our focus this year.  He has been working really hard – and it shows!

For my second grade daughter, her reading, writing and phonics have been our major focus.  Because I believe in cursive first, we use Abeka.  I’m neither here nor there about the curriculum.  It’s a lot.  We didn’t even buy 1/3 of the stuff that is recommended.  I didn’t want to change my house into a school – and I feel that many of the flash cards and wall charts are unnecessary.  I am looking for learning without all the added “stuff.”

She is doing very well.  Her cursive is beautiful, she is reading level 1 picture books, and her spelling is coming along as well as can be expected.  Homeschoolers typically lag behind in spelling until 3rd grade, where they then take off.  That’s because the English language – is largely not phonetic.  So, in that respect – she is doing perfectly fine.

Our goals for the rest of the year is to continue with what we are doing, and adding more unit studies, lapbooking and notebooking.  I want to incorporate other units – focusing on geography,science and history – while allowing them to explore.  I hope to integrate research and more free writing – and less structure.  I want them to learn the things that they are interested in – increasing their “all around” knowledge.

top picks homeschoolers

No matter what may be on your lesson plan for 2016, consider the resources below. Members within the Educents community put a list together of their favorite homeschool resources. If you’d like to learn more about the resource, just click the link! If you want to get more involved in the Educents community to learn more about homeschooling and the curriculum offered on Educents, join the Educents Facebook group!



Lisa of The Squishable Baby recommends The Preschool Bundle.

“Recently, I have discovered the power and value of free resources.  It’s amazing what wonderful curriculum that you can find and download.  I love it because often they are quick but fun lessons that will reinforce material already learned, teach it in a new way to increase understanding, or present new material in an interesting way.  I love that I have the opportunity to enhance my preschoolers learning through free resources.  Also, if I love something – which I always do, I can always go back and buy the bigger more inclusive bundle.  ‘Try before you buy’ is always nice.”


Preschool at home counting and pattern bundle #homeschool #homeschooling #preschoolathome


Grayson is enthusiastic learner, so he is always willing to do fun activities and games that I find.  Of course, Educents is always a great resource for easily finding high quality free resources – rather than relying on Google – and finding “who knows what.”

It is an easy download, and I printed out only the pages that I thought would interest him.  He’s a preschooler, so 1-2 activities are enough at one time.

1-2 easy activities are what mom can take as well :).

We did the pattern activity where he used a glue stick (or tape in this case because I couldn’t find the glue) to paste on the next picture in the pattern.

We also did 1:1 matching of pictures and numbers!
Not only did we count and work on patterning, but also worked on our gross and fine motor skills with cutting and pasting.

It’s an all inclusive FREE activity, which you can download from the website here.


Emily of Smith Squad recommends the Life of Fred books.

“As a child, I always hated math, even though I was good at it because it was soon boring. When I heard about Fred, I knew he had to be a part of our homeschool. My kids absolutely LOVE when it’s math time, and they are learning a ton about how to apply math to every day practical situations.”

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide


Lisa Marie of The Canadian Homeschooler uses the Writecraft and Mathcraft Units.

“The writing portion of this resource was the first time EVER that my oldest son ever willing wrote anything! He was excited to write instead of hating it.”


Allison of Just Add Coffee loves the Magic School Bus Science Experiments.

“I absolutely love Magic School bus and all it has to offer. Each month you get a different science kit to take a Magic School Bus adventure. If you search really hard, online you can even find curriculum to go with each science kit and the episode from the television series.”

Magic School Bus on Educents


Lisa of Chickens and Bunnies Homeschool loves the Life of Fred Elementary Books.

“My favorite resource at Educents at the moment is Life of Fred. There are so many to choose from I picked the Elementary Series. My kids love these books; we have them up to high school now. My most recent order was Life of Fred Chemistry. My kids will do these without arguing and love Fred and Kingie!”


Celena of The Traveling Sisterhood recommends the Times Tales Multiplication videos.

“I love Times Tales because it’s made this year’s math lessons so much easier! My kiddos quickly mastered their multiplication tables in one sitting with the movie. It’s been such a blessing–instead of drills everyday, we can take more time to learn the actual concepts behind the facts!”

Times Tales Review



Kelly of Raising Samuels loves the Magic School Bus Science Club.

“The Magic School Bus Science Club is something your child gets in the mail each month, for a year! It includes numerous experiments per month, along with most of the materials required. (except household items such as scissors and tape). It is an incredible hands-on learning experience that helps children love science and have fun! My sons who are 4 and 6 absolutely love it!”

Amy of Busy Boys Brigade recommends the Life of Fred Beginning Readers.

“Life of Fred Early Readers series has been a game changer in our homeschool! Both my 6 & 4-year-old boys beg me to do their reading lessons now that we have added Life of Fred. I have noticed an increase in their fluency and comprehension.”

Fred Readers tips


Jenn of Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling also loves Times Tales.

“All three of my girls, ages 8 down to 4 loved watching this DVD and learning the stories. In 1 hour, both of my older girls had memorized their upper times tables! And the real kicker is I was only trying to teach one!”


Amy of Teaching in Blue Jeans uses Learn to Mod Minecraft with her son.

“Learn to Mod Minecraft is an amazing program that teaches my son, a Minecraft lover, important computer programming skills through a game he loves to play. The lessons are easy to use, fun and engaging. I love that he is a learning a skill that I am not able to teach him.”

Kids Learn to Code - Educents Graphic


Tabitha of Life Learning Homeschool uses the King Tut Mini Unit.

“My son loves history (he gets it from me), and I love to throw in “extras” to feed the need for more than what our curriculum calls for. Mini-units are great for that, and this was one of our favorites because we both love Ancient Egypt!”


Amy from Not Your Average Homeschool Mom loves Minecraft Mod Design.

“I love that you can be totally creative, and these are all hands-on. Helps to build critical thinking skills too.”

YouthDigital Educents1

Kayla of The Arrowood Zoo loves using Magformers for lessons at home.

“I love that you can be totally creative and these are all hands-on. Helps to build critical thinking skills too.”


Shelly of Free Homeschooling 101 recommends the Violin Starter Set.

“The violin starter set includes everything a budding violinist needs to begin their studies. The instrument is well made and economical. The lessons that are included are a huge money saver!”

Rebecca of Hip Homeschooling likes Magformers.

“We LOVE Magformers in our homeschool! They are a high-quality toy that provide hours of creative play. They are a great way to bring the fun back into your homeschool; your kids won’t even realize they are learning all about structures and geometric shapes and architecture (bonus!).”

Teri of Mommy Wife Life recommends the Spectacular Space Unit Study.

“A great resource for young astronomers is the Spectacular Space Unit Study. From writing, reading, math, and crafts, this complete unit, with its simple terms, will spark the interest of even your preschoolers!” Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 2.09.22 PM


Jamie of Simple Homeschool loves Life of Fred too!

“I love the way the math is naturally integrated into Fred’s life, showing the importance of it in day-to-day life. The chapters are laugh-out-loud funny, and I often get asked to read “just one more.” I’ve never been a huge fan of math workbooks and worksheets, so the combination of math and story is a major win in my books!”

Gabriella, Homeschooling Consultant, recommends the Number Formation Poems.

“We have these cards laminated because we know they’ll be used for years to come. My son, who learns best through rhyme and tactile input, is learning to write digits using these easy-to-remember number formation poems! I have reduced the size of the cards, added a ring binder, and now have a portable number set. We also use the cards for matching games and learning about quantity. Such a great price for all of the value provided by this set.”





What homeschool resource did you use this year that you would recommend? Leave your recommendation in the comments!!

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