The Light Keeper Pro Saves us Money While Keeping the Lights On!


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@lightkeeperpro saves us $$ while keeping the lights on #christmasdecor #christmaslights #familytime


This year we started early.  We went to the orchard to cut down, just the perfect tree.  We brought it home, set it up – and then it’s time to take out the dreaded Christmas lights.  Or that is what it was like in past years.  In times past, I would take them out, test them – then have to run to Targhetto or CVS and buy 3 new strands of lights.

Ugh.  Not only was it a time consumer, it was a money consumer.  One bulb blown, and the entire strand doesn’t work.  Annoying.

With a family of 6 on one income, any time I can save any money – I am appreciative.

However, with four kids, all the lights must work.  Everything must be perfect.

This year, though, we have The Light Keeper Pro.

In all honesty, I didn’t think it was going to work.  I was a skeptic!  My thoughts – I have this thing, and I was going to have to pack everyone in the car to go to Targhetto or CVS anyway.


Light Keeper Pro – Reasons for Bulb Failure

@lightkeeperpro reasons why Christmas tree lights fail #christmasdecor #moneysavings #christmaslights
Do you know that most lights fail because of one burned out bulb, which can be fixed very easily?

And if that doesn’t do it, the other method will find the culprit.


A great majority of people, don’t need to replace the set of lights!


Thank you Light Keeper Pro, for saving us money while keeping the lights on!


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Do you have the same issues with Christmas lights?

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