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#antitrump fight to retain the rights that are god given


I’m marching on January 21st because I believe in the sanctity of the pussy.  I don’t believe women are objects that should be toyed with, abused or otherwise violated.  I believe that women have their own minds, and can make decisions about their bodies that are right for them – and frankly, in my opinion, I find it extremely troubling that 51% of white women don’t have these same views.

Are you kidding me?

What does that say?  Scary, indeed.

The Vapid Narcissist got away with grabbing women because he is rich because he is white and because he is a bully.  He threatens women with lawsuits to keep them quiet.   This is the way he deals, and this is how he thinks he will deal with our money, our lives, and our freedoms.

He has single handily split this country apart.  He has no idea what he’s doing.  I don’t think he even cares about the negative impact of his “crazy talk” and “shady dealings.”

And America elected him president.


The whole situation is completely absurd and needs to be put on the rediculist.


No Unity

Obama has gone looney.  I realize that he has to try for a smooth transition, but I’m sorry – I don’t agree to disagree about rape/sexual assault, I don’t agree to disagree about racism, and I don’t agree to disagree to be run by a fascist leader.  Period.

These are not issues that should be swept under the rug, written off, or excused (boys will be boys).


None of these things are normal, and I will spend the next 4 years saying so – even if I’m the only one, even if everybody hates me, and even if nobody reads my blog.

I will not accept these things.  He is not my president.  My first amendment right says I can do what’s necessary to say so – even if threatened with prison (classic bullying).



If you agree with me and feel that not only us but our children (our daughters and our daughter’s daughters) are in extreme danger – consider participating in the PUSSYHAT project.  Even if you cannot march, you can join and support those 1.7 million women who believe in women and their rights.

All you need to do is go to the website HERE and knit one hat.  The easy pattern is right on the website.  It’s perfect if you have ever wanted to learn to knit.  She will teach you how to cast-on, to knit and to pearl!




You can make it for someone who is marching, or drop it off at the store where you buy the yarn.  The website is continually being updated with yarn locations.   Check back frequently.


Discrimination has no limits

A few months ago, I wrote a post about teaching your children the consequences of hate.  In that post, I presented the path to genocide.

Widespread accepted, normalized racism and discrimination is the start.  It’s how the holocaust started.  It’s how all situations of genocide start.

The racist rhetoric, the vicious anti-women anti-Muslim attitudes.  Chants to build a wall.

It’s too crazy and very sick.

This is dangerous.

We have to stop this now.  We can’t rely on others (obviously since we are now within crazy).


Learn to Knit and BE HEARD!

This is 100% about people who disagree with this path – standing up and saying “no.”  We can’t afford to sit back and take a “wait and see” approach.  We cannot afford to give him a chance.

And Obama is a nut-butt for asking us to do so.

We are so beyond being nice.

It’s about standing up for what’s right.

Visit the PUSSYHAT project.


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  1. I’m glad you are standing up! I agree with you 100%! Count me in!
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  3. Looks like I need to learn how to knit.
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